Besides, a shopping binge or visit to the museum on the same day as you dive into the pungent ocean or oar over a sparkling lake, nature is consistently around the bend and the distances are short. You can without much of stretch travel on open vehicle from bistros and city attractions to precipices or green woodlands in a matter of seconds.

For the Family

In Gothenburg, there’s a lot of fun stuff to accomplish for youngsters, everything being equal, – and their folks as well. Getting in and out of town with the entire family is simple and the closest jungle gym is rarely far away.

For Nature Lovers

Regardless of whether it’s energizing trail blazing bicycle experiences or calm strolls in the backwoods, you’re searching for, Gothenburg has something for you. Furthermore, the Garden Society, Gothenburg Botanical Garden and the recreation centre Slottsskogen offer green desert springs directly in the downtown area.

For Ocean Lovers

The flooding ocean is never far away in Gothenburg. Therefore, walk around on pure archipelago islands, go lobster fishing, watch seals in the wild or kayak to disconnected seashores.

Expressions and Culture

Gothenburg’s social scene is thriving on numerous levels. Here you’ll discover everything from drama shows and Rembrandt to free theatres and road craftsmanship also.

Exercises for Every Season

Spring, summer, fall and winter. Each season in Gothenburg has something extraordinary to bring to the table, besides, from radiant late spring days to comfortable harvest time meals and fresh winter experiences.

Cycling and Walking

Gothenburg offers all that you would expect of a cosmopolitan city – inside strolling or cycling distance. Therefore, investigate the city in a manageable manner.

What to do and see in Gothenburg?


Elite cafés, exploratory food rebels, popular bars and a moving fleet of food trucks – Gothenburg has it all. Surely, book your outing, skip lunch and come hungry.

Where to go for supper? Gothenburg

No big surprise food darlings feel right comfortable in Gothenburg certainly. Fish and shellfish out of this world, imaginative kitchens, hip food trucks and Michelin-featured eateries that utilization the best privately developed produce.

The lager capital of Sweden, Gothenburg

Have you ever known about Stigbergets, Poppels, All in Brewing or Dugges? You should. Gothenburg is probably the most blazing centre for speciality lager and the bottling works are among the best on the planet.

Neighbourhood jumps, stylish mixed drink bars and a lively nightlife

In Gothenburg, you’ll discover everything from occupied bars to comfortable bars. Fridays are featured by mainstream after work meetings and a few spots serve a free smorgasbord to commend the end of the week. Most bars remain open late – and there are a lot of clubs if you need to move the night away.

Green, reasonable and privately developed

Veggie lover, vegetarian, natural and privately delivered food – in Gothenburg manageability regularly becomes the overwhelming focus.

Swedish Fika – never forget to try

The Swedish custom “Fika” (which means to take a break, plunk down with a companion for some espresso and some prepared merchandise) has become an overall sensation. Here’s the place where to have it.

Amazing settings, Gothenburg

Now and then, where you have your supper (or brew, or espresso) is as significant as what you eat and drink. In Gothenburg, you’ll discover everything from housetop bars to waterside eating.

Dinners in a hurry, Gothenburg

Try not to possess the energy for a situated eatery supper? No concerns! Gothenburg has a lot of food trucks, bread kitchens and stores to take care of you.

Early lunch smorgasbords and Swedish breakfast

Start your day right and you’ll have more energy to investigate the city. In Gothenburg, you’ll discover everything from American flapjacks to Swedish cereal, fruity smoothies and newly heated croissants.