Getting around

Transportation and direction in the High Tatras are exceptionally simple. Trains, gear-tooth railroad, link rail routes, and cable cars these are potential outcomes how to get to any region in the High Tatras. Nearby rail public vehicle structure an economical method to get around.

What should you do in The High Tatras?


There are various open doors for climbing, contingent upon the wellness level of the explorer, going from a simple walk around a troublesome all-day climb.

Famous all-day climbs, arranged by “perceived” neighbourhood notoriety, include:

Skok cascade, A medium-sized cascade, the objective of the most easygoing climbing guests. May be joined with climb around Štrbské Solisko, which takes a few additional hours.

Rysy. One of the most mainstream tops, with a high hovel Chata unit Rysmi 1/2 hr under the top.

Kriváň A beautiful pinnacle, an image of both the High Tatras and Slovakia Kriváň

Veľké Hincovo pleso.The most prominent ice-shaped lake in Tatras. A 1½-hour walk around to Kôprovský štít is conceivable, and a short time later an extremely long full circle through Kôprová dolina valley as well. For the long way, it is prudent to orchestrate some exchange to/from Tri studničky. Some other hiking tracks are Priečne sedlo, Poľský hrebeň, Bielovodská dolina, Gerlachovský štít Non-open by the overall population, it’s the most elevated pinnacle of Slovakia. It’s conceivable to access for individuals from public UIAA club or with an affirmed mountain direct.


In the High Tatras, it is conceivable to ski downhill in nine areas and every one comprises of two to nine inclines.

Snow conditions throughout the colder time of year are normally extraordinary for skiing or snowboarding. Funiculars are open to numerous high areas, for example,

Solisko (1840m) and Skalnata chata (1751m) where sightseers can take another funicular


Cycling is another activity that is exceptionally intriguing for individuals who love adrenalin. Cyclists can pick either between black-top or field streets. Distinctive sort of streets with different degree of trouble are reasonable for less or additionally requesting individuals.

A 9-km long cycle street is accessible between Spišská Belá and Tatranská Kotlina with a smooth black-top surface – likewise useful for inline skating.

High Tatras, Slovakia


Youngsters can have a good time for example at:

Dobrá hračka. A sort of carnival for kids with different toys. (refreshed Aug 2019 | alter)

Tricklandia. Piece of different optical dreams (counting, for example, a mirror labyrinth) and enlarged reality representations.

What are Hiking tips for High-Tatras?

  • Try not to purchase plastic containers. Convey a refillable jug, drink faucet water (protected to drink across Slovakia) and fill genuine frosty water from streams en route.
  • Utilize public vehicle. The electric trains run often, are truly moderate and make for an interesting encounter all alone.
  • Maintain a strategic distance from famous climbing trails on ends of the week on the off chance that you can. They are unquestionably more charming with fewer individuals.
  • Adhere to the climbing trails. Try not to go insane attempting to get the ideal selfie!

Battle the FOMO (dread of passing up a major opportunity) and delayed down; set aside the effort to truly encounter this unfathomable piece of the world.