There are a few choices for getting around Haugesund. Once in the city, it is conceivable to walk around one or the other or by utilizing the neighbourhood transports. Kolumbus organizes the city bus the timetables and a course outline of the administrations are accessible on the web. The fundamental courses run seven days per week, Mondays to Fridays between 6 and 12 PM, Saturdays from 8 to 12 PM and Sundays from 10 to 12 PM. Different courses have more restricted help. Tagging is on a zone-based framework (zone map). Inside Haugesund and parts of Karmøy, single tickets cost NOK 27 for grown-ups and NOK 14 for youngsters under 16 and seniors 67 and over. Inside the downtown zone (“Nærsone”), grown-ups can likewise buy tickets for NOK 14. There are likewise various passes accessible which give a markdown if you travel a great deal.

Haugesund Taxi organizes the Taxicabs. Cabs are somewhat costly in Norway. You must use the boat to reach The islands of Røvær, Feøy, and Vibrandsøy. In Haugesund, this course docks only south of the sailboat terminal. While it is conceivable to investigate the city by walking, it very well might be valuable to recruit a vehicle to see the encompassing zone. Vehicle recruit is offered by Hertz, Avis and Europcar at the Airport and at different areas inside the city itself. It tends to be costly to lease the vehicle. Petroleum is likewise costly and there is a number of street tolls to pay. Therefore, it could merit leasing a vehicle for just a piece of your excursion. For spending choice, the Rent-a-disaster area additionally has a branch in Haugesund.

What you can do in Haugesund?

            Haugesund is a light community for social and games, just as a platform utilized by numerous individuals to investigate the entrancing common environmental factors in the territory. Also, the Norwegian International Film Festival is held in Haugesund consistently and the town likes to extend itself as Norway’s Cannes.

Langfoss Waterfall

Haugesund a small town with amazing beauty

Investigate the fabulous cascade that has been evaluated as the main cascade by This is perhaps one of the most delightful course cascades on the planet. The stream gushes out over the side of a long mountain incline before it joins the waters of the Åkra Fjord. You can undoubtedly arrive at the cascade via vehicle.


Haugesund a small town with amazing beauty

Skudeneshavn is a pearl in the West. At the southernmost tip of Karmøy, where the beacons peer out over Skudefjord and the North Sea, lies the enchanting harbour and fishing town of Skudeneshavn. In the mid-nineteenth century, herring fishing prompted quick success and the development of the verifiably intriguing region called the Old Town.

Fjord Walks

Haugesund a small town with amazing beauty

In Haugesund, you can approach the pith of Norway with the delightful fjords, streams and lakes. An assortment of trails gives an astonishing perspective on the scene that one can investigate throughout the year around.

What are the Winter Activities in Haugesund?

Haugesund and its environmental factors offer powder heaven for both flakes of snow-capped and cross-country skiers inside a 30-an hour and a half drive. Particularly the Røldal Ski Destination is acclaimed for its incessant snowfall and great skiing conditions.



Steinfjellet gives a totally fabulous all-encompassing perspective on the city and encompassing region. Lay your eyes on Haugesund and the North Sea from a stature of 227 meters above ocean level.

Haugesund Town Hall


The Town Hall was planned by the draftsmen Gudolf Blakstad and Hermann Munthe-Kaas and was given as a blessing to the town. It opened formally in 1931 and the recreation centre opened in 1949. The Town Hall is one of the most celebrated structures in Norway and contains an abundance of aesthetic designs.



Krosshaugen is a stone cross dating from the most punctual Christian time frame in Norway (around 1000 AD). This area has worked as a Parliament site and the cross might be a landmark to the ranchers who changed over to the Christian confidence during meetings of Parliament. It is accepted that Christian mass was performed alongside these stone crosses before temples were fabricated.

The Sluices in Skjoldastraumen


The main salt-water floodgate in Norway goes back to 1908 is still in full working condition. There is a yearly Sluice Festival in Skjoldastraumen, too.



About an hour ship ride from Haugesund lies the little island of Utsira. Since quite a while ago proclaimed as a brilliant spot for winged creature watching, it has as of late arose as a prime place for road workmanship, even though the island has no roads. There are around 70 pieces spread out all around the island, giving guests one more motivation to investigate it without limit.


Few tips on food and accommodation in Haugesund

There are various cafés on the harbour. Restaurant Naustet spends significant time in oceanic toll served in close and comfortable environmental factors that reflect part of Haugesund’s set of experiences.

To Glass Considered probably the best spot in the city, it has costs to coordinate. It is likewise not a spot to visit on the off chance that you are a veggie-lover, yet then most places in Norway aren’t. The eatery is most popular for its tapas.

There are a few bars and clubs in Haugesund. Anyway like the remainder of Norway these spots just wake up toward the end of the week and late around evening time, as a rule after 22:00, most have very great unrecorded music and oblige all ages, the huge disadvantage is the devastating cost of liquor.

There are a few lodgings in Haugesund. Every one of them is in the downtown area