What can you see and do in Ísafjörður? Top 8

1- Westfjords Heritage Museum

Part of a bunch of memorable wooden structures by the harbour, this museum is in the Turnhús (1784), which was initially a distribution centre. It’s full of fishing and nautical shows, instruments from the whaling days, entrancing old photographs portraying town life throughout the long term, and accordions.

2- Culture House

The strongly affectionate nature of Westfjords life is evoked in the second-floor shows in what was before the town emergency clinic. Post for vintage scales for infants, and upsetting hacksaw and an eye-watering douche gadget, and the contacting declarations of previous patients.

The town library use the ground floor.

3- Museum of Everyday Life

Praising the sorcery of every day is the point of the ground-breaking, innovative shows here, where shoes, books and small scale films each accompany individual accounts and story sections. As a captivating understanding into life in the Westfjords, it’s graceful, interesting and perfectly done.

4- Old Town

Ísafjörður’s memorable quarter fringes it’s eastern edges. Start investigations in Tangagata to see gabled, tin-clad homes, frequently brilliantly painted in devoted chestnut red or blue, managed with white. Post for the dates from the last part of the 1890s and mid-1900s over the entryways.

5- Ísafjarðarkirkja

More than 740 dirt winged animals, organized in flight take off over the altarpiece of this innovator church. Local people during a gathering workmanship venture made them. Post too for the metal plaques indicating the locales of graves that were covered by the current church, when it was reconstructed after a fire in 1992.

6- Sailors’ Monument

Ísafjörður’s huge bronze Seaman’s Monument portrays two anglers with their nets and honours those who’ve lost their lives adrift.

7- Whalebone Arch

The whalebone curve made using a whale’s jawbone in the focal town park was my focus of interest.

8- Hiking Trails

Ísafjörður and Hornstrandir have some really astounding climbs to bring to the table.

Hornstradir nature hold is the heaven of everyone that likes to climb. You can’t draw nearer to nature and be as distant as in Hornstrandir.

Ísafjörður can offer a wide range of sorts of climbs, both truly troublesome and simple to walk. Naustahvilft, the savage seat, above Ísafjörður air terminal is a truly regular climbing spot yet I can likewise specify Breiðadalsheiði to Önundarfjörður, Botnsheiði to Súgandafjörður, Þjófaskarð to Hnífsdalur and Heiðarskarð to Bolungarvik.

The new walkway to Hnífsdalur and the old street to Bolungarvík is presently pretty fascinating strolling ways. Since the Bolungarvík burrow opened in 2010 the sea has been marginally obliterating the old street and it is intriguing to see the demolition in scarcely any years.




Ísafjörður is shockingly cosmopolitan and what shocks you the most is the way of life and the assortment of occasions. Ísafjörður has been the focal point of culture in the Northern region of the Westfjords for a long time. Numerous huge occasions have been begun lately for instance; the performance Aldrei fór ég suður; Fossavatnsgangan, International marsh soccer title; Runners celebration and the Triathlon. Everyone should have the option to discover something that fits for them in the assortment of Ísafjörður occasions.

What and where to eat in Ísafjörður-Iceland? Top 4

1- Tjöruhúsið

Set in a structure from 1781, warm, rural Tjöruhúsið offers the absolute best fish around. The set-course, serve-yourself supper incorporates soup, gets of the day (new off the boat from the close-by harbour), and pastry, for example, chocolate mousse. There’s outside seating on seats when it’s radiant. Supper begins expeditiously at 7 pm and they’re deservedly famous, so book ahead of time.

2- Húsið

Veer up to the harsh cut wood tables inside this tin-clad house, or kick back on the bright porch for flavourful, loosened up suppers and nearby lager on tap. Cool tunes play as staff serve fish, burgers, pizza and Icelandic sheep. It’s a great spend time with normal unrecorded music and DJs.

3- Við Pollinn

Although the moderate style at Hótel Ísafjörður’s café needs flair, the food more than compensates for it. The solid choice of neighbourhood cooking, particularly fish, is set up with energy and the windows offer incredible perspectives over the fjord – you may even observe your next dinner getting pulled into the harbour.

4- Thai Koon

After a stretch of restricted food choices in distant Iceland, this little Thai flask appears to be determinedly intriguing. There’s no terrific mood except for the curries and noodles are dependably delicious and served up in storing partitions.