With regards to Italy, there truly hasn’t been a spot that is baffled me yet.

I love Rome, I venerated Venice, and Turin was more than I’d at any point trusted it very well maybe. As a component of my Venice trip a couple of years prior, I invested some energy in great Verona.

Verona is a spot I’ve for a long while been itching to visit, primarily due to Romeo and Juliet as it’s the setting in which the story happens. Being my number one piece of Shakespeare and my #1 film (thank you Baz Luhrmann), I was so eager to visit the city of adoration.

It didn’t disillusion me. In this way, sit back, unwind as I take you through the top activities in Verona.

Why Verona famous?

If you need an Italian city that is loaded with sentiment, excellence and culture, (in addition to great gelato), at that point, Verona is for you.

It shows some care and soul and isn’t as overpopulated as other Italian objections like Rome or Venice.

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Why Verona famous? Italy – Southern Europe

Instructions to Get to Verona

You can get to Verona in an assortment of ways.


If you’re from the UK or some other piece of Europe, you could decide to head to Verona. It would make some portion of a great European excursion thought. ‍


The train network in Italy is splendid and there are trains from everywhere the nation associating you to Verona. I went from Venice and it was certainly not a long train ride, nor a costly one by the same token. ‍


Your other alternative is to fly into Verona. It’s just 10 km outside of the primary city, so it’s exceptionally simple to get to and from.


You can get the Aerobus which interfaces the city and the air terminal, or the Verona Porta Nuova railroad station leaves like clockwork. It’s just a fifteen-minute excursion costing €6. You can purchase tickets from a machine at the air terminal, or purchase ready for a somewhat greater expense.

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When Is The Best Time To Visit Verona?

When Is The Best Time To Visit Verona?

The best opportunity to visit Verona is between late May to early October, the late spring months will be top time so if you disdain swarms, it’s smarter to head in the Autumn seasons where the climate is cooler and the groups are lower.

I visited in top time be that as it may and I approved of the groups. It’s not as swarmed as say, Venice or Rome.

How Long Should You Stay In Verona?

As far as I might be concerned, Verona isn’t seven days in length objective. Or maybe it’s the ideal spot for a city break which implies 2 to 3 evenings is sufficiently adequate.

3 evenings is ideal! In any case, you could do four on the off chance that you truly need to unwind and require road trips (to Venice could be one!)

Top 10: Things to Do in Verona Italy

Alright, presently it’s the ideal opportunity for the part you came for, the rundown of extraordinary activities in Verona!

With regards to what to do in Verona, you are spoilt for the decision. A great deal of the best Verona attractions are sentimental, so open your heart and you’ll make some astounding memories.

Things to Do in Verona
Top 10: Things to Do in Verona Italy

1. Visit Juliet’s House

This is presumably one of the top activities in Verona (if not the top!). Juliet’s home resembles a museum that essentially recounts the anecdotal Shakespeare story of Romeo and Juliet.

As you stroll through the house you will peruse segments of the play in each room as it recounts the story. It’s a gothic style 1300s house and it’s said to have enlivened Shakespeare.

As you stroll in there is a divider where individuals have composed love letters or expressions to their friends and family. It’s essentially a spray painting divider. Yet, since it’s been a couple of years since I went there, I am uncertain concerning whether it’s as yet in presence, so if you know, let me know!

There is a sculpture of Juliet in the nursery region, and you should kiss her for the best of luck in adoration.

The feature of Juliet’s home is the overhang wherein you can reproduce your own “Romeo, Romeo, where there workmanship thou Romeo?” and have somebody snap your photo from beneath. It’s acceptable fun, so stay happy!

In case you’re an enthusiast of the play and the tale of Romeo and Juliet, at that point you’ll like this visit. On the off chance that you don’t, I don’t think you’ll be a fan. It’s about sentiment.

The names Montecchi and Capuleti (from which we get the Capulets and Montagues) were at the time certifiable adversary political groups, and it is conceivable to visit their separate houses too.

2. Marriage destination of Romeo and Juliet                            

Alright OK, I know the entire Romeo and Juliet thing isn’t genuine, yet I said I cherished the play, so this congregation was “evidently” where they got hitched, so I needed to visit it in that capacity.

The congregation is called Basilica di San Zeno and regardless of the entire marriage, it’s an excellent church with dazzling nurseries and worth a visit only for that. They likewise hold masses.

3. Eat a LOT of Gelato

Italians are popular for it, and they make the best gelato on the planet. Verona conveys well on the gelato front. It gets warm in Verona, so I would eat however much you could.

It’s normally around 2 euro for a cone in Verona (traveller costs), however, there are heaps of flavours to look over.

I don’t have a normal shop as the main priority, I lean toward contemplating upon irregular ones.

4. Look at The Verona Arena

This is regularly known as Verona’s rendition of the Colosseum. Back in its pinnacle days (around 130-1100 AD), it was one of the greatest of its sort on the planet and could situate up to 30,000 individuals.

Today, every year, the field has the Arena Opera celebration which has well known operatic vocalists. Both at that point and now it pulls in a great horde of guests from around the planet.

5. Visit The Brilliant Castelvecchio

Castelvecchio is a splendid castle in Verona, and effectively probably the best spot to visit in Verona. It’s currently home to a museum which gives bunches of fascinating history and setting of the castle.

An intriguing certainty is that during World War II, the castle endured genuine harms as in 1945 after the Allies had bombarded the eastern wing of the castle, the Germans on the run exploded the extension!

Be that as it may, the Museum visit is fascinating and fun and you can see a weapons room which has plenty of intriguing things as well.

There are likewise some lovely perspectives that ignore the scaffold and waterway, and these make for sentimental photographs, so request that somebody snap your picture together, or bring a stand!

We headed early and there weren’t that numerous individuals around, which was very pleasant. I had a feeling that I had an entire castle to myself!

Ps, there is a wine grape plantation around here, which is another of the extraordinary activities in Verona in case you’re a wine darling (I am a wine sweetheart!)

6. Visit the Stunning Giardino Giusti

On the off chance that you’re in look for a great excursion spot in Verona, look no further. The Giardino Giusti overflows excellence, sentiment, and shading!

It’s especially delightful in the mid-year and spring months.

These grounds of Renaissance imagery of the exemplary Italian nursery will allow you to submerge yourself in the air of the sixteenth century when it was once home to quite possibly the loftiest institutes of the city.

7. Go Souvenir Shopping

There are loads of incredible spots to discover endowments back home for loved ones. Regardless of whether it’s a jug of Limoncello or a sack of pasta (yes that is a thing when you go to Italy- – I purchased an extravagant beautiful pack around 8 years prior and still have it-haha).

Or then again if you need shot glasses, travel wristbands, or whatever, essentially meander the roads to find heaps of thoughts.

Verona is likewise loaded up with LOTS of very good quality shops, so if you are extravagant on going overboard on a fashioner thing for yourself, it’s the spot to do as such.

8. Dreamy Italian Dinner For Two

With regards to sentimental activities in Verona, this is the first spot on the list (particularly in case you’re not a Romeo and Juliet fan).

Verona is a sentimental setting for an Italian supper for two. It’s nothing unexpected that loads of individuals pick to visit Verona for Valentine’s getaway.

I didn’t find the opportunity to have my sentimental supper in Verona, yet TripAdvisor is overflowing with heaps of thoughts to suit all value ranges. From extravagant to a financial plan, you can feast for two of every a sentimental setting!

9. Head High Up At Torre Dei Lamberti

This is an 84 m high pinnacle in Verona. It’s simply a short stroll from Juliet’s popular overhang, so it’s an ideal spot to visit in the wake of becoming hopelessly enamoured with the quintessence of Romeo and Juliet.

Essentially, in each city I go to, I love finding a high point that gives me a 360 perspective on the environmental factors, and that is the spot in Verona.

The perspectives are delightful and permit you to value the excellence of the city from above.

It’s open each day separated from Christmas and your ticket permits you access to the Gallery of Modern Art as well.

10. Visit The Roman Theater

The Roman venue isn’t the Verona Arena (which is regularly confounded). Or maybe it’s another remarkable piece of excellence.

It was worked around the first century and today stays the stage, the ensemble, the hall, and a few exhibitions.

At the point when you visit you can get a manual clarifying about history, or you can even mastermind a guided visit, which may be acceptable on the off chance that you are keen on the set of experiences.

Lake Verona
Day Trip to Lake Garda from Verona

Require a Day Trip to Lake Garda from Verona

If you’re searching for a road trip from Verona, Lake Garda is an absolute necessity do. Lake Garda is just around 1 hour and a short ways from Verona and you can lease a vehicle and drive there, or take a private taxi.

Lake Garda is known for its sheer excellence, brilliant eateries, extraordinary engineering and considerably more. You could undoubtedly go through a day by the lake unwinding with extraordinary food and a glass of wine.

It’s a wonderful region for a day out, and since you’re so close, it would be impolite not to visit!

This is a cool visit that joins a wine visit as well!

Take A Verona Food and Wine Tour

At the point when we consider Italy, we consider two things (among others), astounding Italian food and heavenly wine. All things considered, on the off chance that you need to remove the fight from encountering both, take a guided visit. (This is an extraordinary one!)

A visit will take you to the very best spots to permit you to test the best food and the best wine Verona has to bring to the table.

This implies you don’t have to stress over missing out on any of the good stuff!