Egilsstadir is the biggest town in East Iceland, with a populace of 2464 individuals starting at 2018. It is situated on the banks of the waterway Lagarfljót in the wide valley of the fruitful Fljótsdalshérað locale.

Find the marvels of the East on a visit through the Eastfjords.

Egilsstaðir is the principal place for administration, transportation and organization in East Iceland. It is, in this way, an ideal spot for the individuals who are going around the Ring Road of the nation to revive and rest. It has phenomenal associations with far off and little-voyaged East Fjords and to Vatnajökull National Park.

Air terminal and Services in Egilsstaðir

Egilsstaðir offers all fundamental types of assistance for explorers, with a store, trinket shops, lodgings, a data community, cafés and visit administrators. It likewise flaunts an interesting and well known Heritage Museum, which has a few rebuilt turf-houses, imitations of the homes Icelanders lived in for quite a long time.

The town likewise includes an air terminal which is generally utilized for homegrown flights, albeit an expanding number of worldwide carriers are starting to fly there. The town likewise flaunts a school and a wellbeing place.

Egilsstaðir additionally has a yearly electronic performance, Hringrás; the Orsteiti Town Festival; and a jazz celebration.

Nature Surrounding Egilsstaðir

Near the town of Egilsstaðir are two of Iceland’s generally secret jewels: its biggest timberland, Hallormsstaðaskógur, and a baffling lake, Lagarfjlót.

Hallormsstaðaskógur covers 740 hectares, and is made out of more than eighty distinct types of the tree from everywhere the world; the rate it has developed at is surprising, considering that in 1910 it was just a brush in a secured enclosure.

Nature Surrounding Egilsstadir
Nature Surrounding Egilsstaðir

It is a most loved objective for explorers and bikers, with more than 40 kilometres (25 miles) of checked ways. It is additionally a supporting spot for birdwatchers, because of the many species native to the zone.

Lagarfjlót, nonetheless, has more appeal to the eccentric. Since the fourteenth century, there have been numerous reports of an incredible wyrm living in its profundities, and sightings of this legendary monster proceed right up ’til the present time.

Natural Journey

Somewhat further abroad from Egilsstaðir, you will arrive at the brilliant East Fjords. Like the Westfjords, this is quite possibly the most distant spots in the country, and as you wind around the monster mountains and look across the shining sounds, there will frequently be not a single another soul to be found.

Those venturing to every part of the East Fjords ought to make certain to absorb the way of life of the fishing towns, the glorious perspectives, and the broad untamed life.

Looking towards the ocean precipices will give ample occasions to see numerous types of settling winged animal; on the shores, you may see provinces of seals; and out among the waves, maybe even the breaking blade of a whale or dolphin.

This is likewise the solitary spot in the country where you can find reindeer. Brought over at first to be cultivated for meat, the business was never as worthwhile as sheep and pony cultivating, so the creatures have meandered in their groups from that point onward.

Voyaging north from Egilsstaðir on the Ring Road brings you into the Highlands of Vatnajökull National Park. In this area, you can discover highlights, for example, Jökulsárgljúfur Canyon, home to the most impressive cascade in Europe, Dettifoss.

If cruising all over the Ring Road of Iceland yourself a clockwise way, and you are wanting to remain the night in Egilsstaðir, the most advantageous and wonderful spots to go through the evening or two preceding that would be either in the towns of Akureyri or Húsavík, or the Lake Mývatn Area.

In the case of voyaging counter-clockwise, the best areas are at the Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon and Skaftafell National Park in the southeast.

Things to do in Egilsstadir

Things to do in Egilsstadir
Things to do in Egilsstadir

Aurora Borealis Tours and Holidays

Aurora Borealis tours are the surest path for chasing the subtle and lovely aurora borealis. With an enormous assortment of choices leaving from different areas across Iceland, you’ll witness the most dazzling Northern Lights shows when you look towards the stars throughout the cold weather months.

Ice Cave Tours

Peruse the biggest determination of ice cavern tours in Iceland. The greatest day visit is from Jokulsarlon icy mass tidal pond, however, you can likewise visit an ice cavern from Reykjavik, Vík and Skaftafell.

Self-Drive Tours

Customized to the gutsy, self-drive tours permit you to investigate Iceland time permitting, at your own speed. However, your convenience, vehicle and journeys planned for your benefit, and nearby specialists will follow a customized agenda,

Brilliant Circle Tours

firstly, find a secret stash of tours that take you to the three incredibly famous destinations that form Iceland’s Golden Circle touring course. Þingvellir National Park, Geysir Geothermal Area and Gullfoss cascade are objections, however, that all voyagers should visit during their visit to Iceland.

Blue Lagoon Tours

Blue Lagoon tours help you with move and admission to the world-acclaimed spa, Therefore, which has become Iceland’s most well-known vacation spot. However, It lies between Keflavik Airport and Reykjavik.

Egilsstadir Ice Cave Tours
Egilsstadir’s Ice Cave Tours

Jokulsarlon Tours

Jökulsárlón icy mass tidal pond, Therefore, ‘The Crown Jewel of Iceland,’ is celebrated for sparkling ice sheets, fun-loving seal settlements and staggering perspectives on the nearby glacial mass. Somehow, Jökulsárlón tours expand your time at the tidal pond and the close by Diamond Beach, giving an exceptional touring experience.

South Coast Tours

Travel Iceland’s South Coast and witness a wide exhibit of cascades, icy mass covered volcanoes, Reynisfjara dark sand seashore and Jökulsárlón ice sheet tidal pond.

Minjasafn Austurlands

Egilsstaðir’s social museum has sweet however mediocre presentations zeroing in on the area’s set of experiences and incorporates shows itemizing the wild reindeer of the east.

Go for a walk up to the Hringsjá perspective from Fénaðarklöpp, for scenes over the town and encompasses.


ATV and Buggy Tours

Go for a remarkable ATV experience and take an open-air experience on one of Iceland’s best ATV tours in the woodland of Hallormsstaður.


Iceland has a bounty of lakes and streams overflowing with salmon and trout and draws in numerous fishers. However, the chances for partaking are boundless

Bird Watching

Iceland’s flying creature populace is interesting and different and offers fowl watching lovers the chance for that uncommon perception.

Culinary Experience

The food scene Austurland is true and persistently creating, profiting by the admittance to new crude fixings from the waterfront atmosphere that gives the food quality and flavour to nature itself. Austurland is glad for their culinary culture and the newness of its fixings. The food comes from the ocean, ranch, or the field, and directly to the table.

Jumping and Snorkeling

Thrilling choices for the similarly bold amateur or master, are the new water and ocean jumping tours accessible.

Pony rides

The Icelandic pony is a top pick of numerous and referred to around the globe as a superb horse. However, there are many pony rentals all through the nation offering short or long rides.

Ice Fishing

From February to the furthest limit of April is the ideal opportunity for ice fishing. Therefore, the most widely recognized catch is trout. There are periodic ice fishing rivalries held in various pieces of the country.

Get in Egilsstadir

Via plane

One air terminal serves the Egilstaðir region and the majority of East Iceland.

Egilsstaðir Airport Located among Egilsstaðir and an adjoining town named Fellabær. One carrier has planned trips to and from Egilsstaðir air terminal

Air Iceland – works homegrown trips to Reykjavík

Via vehicle

Two primary streets fill in as the section focuses on Egilsstaðir. The ring street enters the town from north and south. Seyðisfjarðarvegur enters the town from the east, connecting it to Seyðisfjörður and the Smyril line ship.

By transport

The nearby transport from Seyðisfjörður stops downtown and at the air terminal. Seyðisfjörður thus is served by the week by week ship from Hirtshals (Denmark) using the Faroes.

Leasing a vehicle

Vehicle rental administrations can be found at Egilsstaðir air terminal. Therefore, If you intend just to go between the towns of East-Iceland, leasing a vehicle isn’t essential as the territory has a transport framework.

Get around Egilsstadir

Get around Egilsstadir
Get around Egilsstadir – Iceland

By walking

Strolling in Egilsstaðir is suggested as the town is little. The longest strolling way in the town is 3.2 kilometres long.

By transport

The majority of East Iceland has a joint public transport framework. However, single rides inside the town cost 350 kr and 10 tickets can be purchased for 3150 kr. Youngsters beneath the age of 16 are charged 175 kr for a solitary ride trip inside the town. as a result, the transport framework is partitioned into 23 territories where one single ride admission or one ticket is charged for every region. However, the longest excursion is between Borgarfjörður, north of Egilsstaðir, and Höfn.

Via vehicle

As a traveller, you ought to have the option to oversee without a vehicle on the off chance that you are just remaining in the city. Driving is suggested however for movement outside of the town.

By bike

It is not difficult to bicycle in Egilsstaðir if you can deal with a couple of slopes and solid headwinds. You could even go over the Lagarfljót extension and visit the adjoining town Fellabær as these towns are arranged very near one another.