Turku is the primitive city and previous capital of Finland. It was settled during the thirteenth century, making it one of the main few. By a wide margin the biggest – archaic urban areas in Finland. Turku is the support of Finnish culture. Throughout the long term, it has assumed a significant function as the doorway to Finland for worldwide impact. These days Turku is a distinctive city with groups of maritime and clinical business. This southwestern city was the most significant in Finland for a very long time. Presently, 200 years after the finish of its brilliant age, it is having a renaissance. It has new bars and eateries opening, and non-stop flights beginning from Luton.

Any visit to Turku must begin at the River Aura, which courses through it and partitions the city into “this side” and “the opposite side”. On “this side” is the middle age basilica and a few exuberant boat bars; “the opposite side” is home to the château and many cafés. Vehicle free avenues run along the two banks of the stream, crowded with walkers, cyclists and sunbathers. Ten bridges cross the water, and a free ship, the Föri, has been chugging to and fro since 1903. There’s no old town to hang out in – Turku lost a large portion of its memorable structures in the Great Fire of 1827 – however the bloom-filled riverbanks manage the work pleasantly.


            Turku, similar to the remainder of Finland, has four particular seasons. Arranged by the Baltic Sea and protected by the islands of the Archipelago Sea, Turku has a sticky mainland atmosphere. Like a lot of southern Finland, the city encounters warm summers, with temperatures running up to 30°C (85°F), and winters with regular snowfall and temperatures down to about −25°C (−15°F). The best ideal opportunity to visit is certainly the warm period from late May to early September. If meeting in wintertime and meeting slush, ride to some degree all the more inland (a neighbourhood transport can get you far enough) and you will presumably locate the genuine day off. Every so often you can discover it in Turku downtown area as well.

Turku Finland

How to get there

Turku can without much of a stretch be reached by train or buses from Helsinki or by ship from Stockholm. Additionally by WizzAir from London Luton Airport.  All vehicle alternatives are moderately modest. As Helsinki and Stockholm are both large enough airport to make it simple to locate a decent arrangement. When landed, you can utilize Onnibus for the least expensive method of venturing out to Turku from Helsinki. You can look at Viking Line for moderate ship tickets from Stockholm to Turku.

How to get around in the city

In Turku and the Southwest-Finland district. It’s simple for the explorer to get around in their own vehicle, just as on open transportation. Urban areas and towns have a proficient public transportation framework. However, longer separations can be canvassed in the solace of significant distance transports and preparation. Also, there is a worldwide air terminal and traveller ship harbour in Turku. The excellent archipelago is likewise effectively open to the guest, either by street or by ferryboat and associating vessels. The uttermost tip of a promontory is to explore through a boat taxi.  The Turku locale offers far-reaching public vehicle administrations. The Turku locale’s Föli public transportation offers ticket costs at a level rate paying little heed to travel length, all through Turku, Kaarina, Raisio, Lieto, Naantali and Rusko.