Just thirty minutes drive from the Ring Road and the prosperous transportation centre Egilsstadir, in the mouth of a fjord, sits Iceland’s most pleasant town, Seydisfjordur.

The uneven pass among Egilsstadir and Seydisfjordur is liable for two things.

Right off the bat, the drive is inconceivably beautiful. Moreover, itself is really probably the best thing that ought to convince you to visit this previous fishing town. Besides, Seydisfjordur feels very distant, particularly when you consider that the street finishes here.

Under 700 occupants live in Seydisfjordur.

Crowded time

In any case, the town grows, particularly in the mid-year season, when local people and worldwide tourists arrived here. They appreciate the shocking nature. Spend quality time in a serene yet refined and idiosyncratic climate (Seydisfjordur is shockingly one of Iceland’s social communities). They usually capture the beauty in a snap of that famous Seydisfjordur blue church with a rainbow asphalt prompting it.

Seydisfjordur Sights
Visit Seydisfjordur, Iceland’s Most Attractive Town

Our apprehensions

From the start, we were uncertain about whether it is justified, despite any trouble to visit Seydisfjordur.

One reason was that we arranged our excursion to Iceland truly a minute ago. Therefore, we didn’t have a lot of time to accumulate all the data about must-see places and top attractions.

Another explanation was that our Iceland schedule was pressed.

We realized that Seydisfjordur is home to perhaps the most Instagrammable spots in Iceland. However, since we are not that dynamic via online media, this was not the trigger highlight that put the town on our list.

We were so glad that we later chose to join Seydisfjordur in our East Fjords agenda.

We didn’t go through there an evening, didn’t do any climb in the territory, yet, the drive and the actual town was super-photogenic and worth every moment.

Truly, visiting Seydisfjordur is a diversion off the Ring Road. However, it is difficult to oppose this town that has plenty to offer. You can explore snow-covered mountains, neglecting the fjord, offering a quiet climate and the customary Icelandic design of brilliant houses.

This movement guide of our own remembers tips for what’s you do and see in Seydisfjordur.

We additionally share with you details, such as, where to remain, how to get, and when is the ideal opportunity to visit this town settled between Mt. Bjólfur and Mt. Strandartindur.

What to Do and Explore in Seydisfjordur?
What to Do and Explore in Seydisfjordur?

What to Do and Explore in Seydisfjordur?

Try not to anticipate the exemplary rundown of the best things to see and do here.

Seydisfjordur is popular for its lively air, beautiful wooden structures, and bistros. It also has handiworks, hilly landscape, and for its difficult to-beat area that, harking back to the 1850s pulled in first occupants to this region in any case.

Seydisfjordur sits in a fjord, so, it is definite that fishing and chasing was the principal source of living here.

Essentially, we think it is very simple to spend a loose and engaging day in Seydisfjordur and, by the day’s end, acknowledge you really didn’t see and do a lot – a worth you these days barely get, so we are not reluctant to consider this town in East Iceland a desert spring in a surged world.

Here’s our pick of exercises and things you ought not to miss.

Beautiful drive to Seydisfjordur
Beautiful drive to Seydisfjordur – Iceland

Beautiful drive to Seydisfjordur

Except if you show up and leave the town by boat, odds are you will venture to every part of the brilliant stretch of the street among Egilsstadir and Seydisfjordur, street number 93.

Iceland is a well-known excursion objective, and the best approach to Seydisfjordur is the best model and answer to your inquiry for what reason is Iceland best investigated by rental vehicle or campervan.

From Egilsstadir we moved to the mountain pass, yet before we arrived, we previously arose in a frigid wonderland.

We ventured out to Iceland toward the finish of June. Because it was the mid-year season, but it was still out of nowhere looked like the colder time of year.

The street was fixed with ice patches, lakes framed by a liquefied day off, peaks, and we just wished this drive won’t ever end.

At the point when we arrived at the pass and began the drop, we pulled the vehicle over and took a short walk, following the sheep trail. Inevitably, we returned and began the plummet to the valley along Fjadrara River.

In the wake of heading to Seydisfjordur, we can say that excursion was the objective.


What is the most awesome aspect?

No doubt, you will drive this street twice on the off chance that you follow the Ring Road. It is additionally incredible on the off chance that the climate isn’t amazing as it might improve in transit back.


Something else you can’t miss in Seydisfjordur is the notable Blue Church (Seyðisfjarðarkirkja). The town is tiny so you don’t need to stress you would miss it.

The street drove us straightforwardly to a little parking area, from where we could as of now see the church.

The Blue Church used to stand elsewhere yet was moved to Seydisfjordur in 1920.

Even though the design style and pastel tone are exceptional, it would likely not be a particularly conspicuous milestone without the rainbow asphalt prompting it.

The blend of shadings and the church toward the finish of the road is truly photogenic, and if you need to appreciate the sight just without anyone else, your planning should be great.

What to do after a long day?

The road is likewise fixed with numerous bars and bistros, and it is probably the liveliest piece of Seydisfjordur, where individuals like to relax after the tiring day out and about.

On the off chance that you end up being in the town when the church is open (opening times shift), don’t stop for a second and head inside.

Stroll Around the Village

Regardless of whether you plan on voyaging further and don’t anticipate going through the night in Seydisfjordur, there is consistently an ideal opportunity to stroll around the town.

When you have enough photographs of the church, stroll around the lake, head to the harbour, appreciate the sublime perspectives, and focus on the conventional design.

What to do there?

The day of our visit was radiant, at this point we could feel the virus twists emerging from the ocean, so ensure you dress in layers regardless of whether you don’t anticipate strolling for long.

Seydisfjordur is a minuscule town, so you’ll require roughly thirty minutes to stroll around, yet there is a lot of climbing choices if you hear the calling of nature.


The lone thing we had lamented during our fourteen days in length trip around Iceland was we needed more an ideal opportunity for climbing.

Iceland is about nature and the conceivable outcomes are unfathomable, Seydisfjordur is no special case. If your timetable permits it, look at the climbing trails in the close to environmental factors.

Hiking and Seydisfjordur lake
Hiking and Seydisfjordur lake – Iceland


You can visit Tvisongur, a spot that joins nature and culture, another chance is to climb along the waterway to the Vestdalsfossar course, and the genuine travellers can ascend the most elevated mountain in the territory, Bjolfur.

When taking a gander at the mountains around you can see torrential slide assurance dividers all over.

The facts confirm that Seydisfjordur needs assurance as torrential slides regularly happen, particularly in winter and spring. That is one of the reasons why the town sits just on one side of the fjord.


We think it is preposterous to expect to go around Iceland and not to see in any event one cascade for every day.

Seydisfjordur sits in the valley, and when it downpours, numerous new cascades show up and stream down the lofty dividers.

Simply a short drive from the town is Gufufoss Waterfall you ought not to miss.

Most importantly, the cascade is a couple of meters from the street.

So visiting it doesn’t need any exertion. The more significant thing is that Gufufoss is truly excellent – indeed, as a large portion of the cascades in the nation is.


Gufa implies steam, and once you draw nearer to the water, you will comprehend that the name is proper.

For all cascades in Iceland, for example, Gufufoss, Seljalandsfoss, Dettifoss, or Skogafoss we prescribe you to have your cleaning unit for a focal point and waterproof dry sack prepared to protect your resources.

For additionally pressing tips, head to this article: Iceland Summer Packing List.

Art and Handicrafts Seydisfjordur
Art and Handicrafts Seydisfjordur, Iceland

Art and Handicrafts

As we’ve just referenced, Seydisfjordur is one of Iceland’s social places, and it gloats with a dynamic environment.

You will quickly realize that this spot has a great deal to bring to the table.

At the point when you stroll around you will see workmanship and handiworks on pretty much every nursery. That’s why the town is an extraordinary spot to purchase a real keepsake.

Indeed, even out and about prompting Seydisfjordur, we saw an abnormal display exhibiting TVs with mountains as a background. Seydisfjordur is likewise home to a yearly culture celebration called Lunga, which happens each July.