Numerous a guest to Iceland — and, honestly, numerous who are brought up in the country and live close by in the capital, Reykjavík. Visit the Reykjanes promontory for one and only one explanation: getting a trip at Keflavík International Airport.

The landscape between the capital and the island’s global airport is striking, with the beating ocean on one side and broad lava fields on the other, yet a casual survey in Nordic Visitor’s Reykjavík office uncovered that the territory of the principle roadway is an immense secret to by far most.

Also, that is an enormous disgrace. The spot is a UNESCO Geopark, for the love of all that is holy!

For the sake of demonstrating the Reykjanes promontory the affection it so merits, beneath are 5 staggering things you must see on this sizeable spit of land… or then again 5 motivations to go to Reykjanes in any event, when you don’t have a trip to get:


Kleifarvatn is the biggest lake on the Reykjanes promontory and an incredible sight. The street embraces its shore, with transcending mountains on the opposite side, making the drive close by the 9km2 lake almost as charming as preventing to appreciate it from different vantage focuses.

On the day that Nordic Visitor’s advertising group visited the climate was grim, most definitely, yet downpour and fog by one way or another made the lake even more supernatural. Stop at Syðristapi, where you can move on a huge stone looking like an ocean turtle for unhampered perspectives over the lake and encompassing territory.

Fun Fact: Kleifarvatn lost 20% of its volume in 2000, when a quake opened a gap on the lake’s floor, making the lake channel into the close by sea through an underground channel. It has since recuperated on the whole.


On a crevice zone made by the detachment of the mid-Atlantic edge stumbling into Iceland lies the huge geothermal region of Krýsuvík. Inside this territory is the staggering Seltún geothermal field, where volcanic fumaroles, mud pots and underground aquifers have shaped. The aftereffect of the geothermal action is a scene apparently painted splendid yellow, red and green; a consequence of sulfur communicating with different minerals in the dirt.

It is on account of locales like Seltún (and Gunnuhver further down our rundown) that a visit to Reykjanes can be designated “the smelliest visit in Iceland.” The smell of sulfur that escapes from a particularly dynamic zone is… remarkably impactful.

Island near to Iceland capital Reykjavik
Visit Reykjanes Island near to Iceland capital Reykjavik


The southwestern-most tip of the Reykjanes promontory is called Reykjanestá. It is home to staggering precipices and ocean stacks that are continually beaten by the ocean. Close by the transcending ocean bluffs is the slope Valahnjúkur, which is not difficult to move by a checked way and gives a vantage point over the shocking coastline.

The various ocean stacks simply seaward are home to various states of ocean fowls. The biggest stack, called Karl and thought to be a savage gotten out after dawn, is home to a huge settlement of kittiwakes.

Even though lovely to visit, we wouldn’t suggest leaving the vehicle during the settling period of the Arctic Tern, which is various in the region. The fowls are famously regional and are compelling with regards to protecting their homes.


Not a long way from Reykjanestá, Gunnuhver is a territory of mud pools and steam vents on the southwest tip of the landmass. The gases radiating from the beginning the encompassing lava rock into foaming dirt and the water to corrosive. Gunnuhver is the biggest mud pot in Iceland and the level of its movement changes with the change in geothermal and volcanic action underground.

The zone was named for a phantom, Gunna, who was supposed to cause unsettling influences in the zone until the neighbourhood cleric set a snare for her and she fell into the underground aquifer around 400 years back. Yowser!


The piece of Reykjanes that everyone sees — because they’re noticeable from the roadway prompting and from the airport — is the lava fields. Reykjanes is perhaps the most youthful piece of Iceland, geographically talking, and is volcanically dynamic. However, it has a few lava fields of changing ages and highlights.

The dependable guideline to follow when investigating lava fields is that any field with vegetation beginning to develop is likely more seasoned than 2500 years. If you can’t discover any vegetation, at that point that is a youthful lava field you’re taking a gander at.

Since the territory is made of lava fields of shifting ages, driving between the destinations recorded above offers you the chance to wander between old fields, with little trees starting to grow, others covered with a rug of extravagant greenery, others still that are obvious dark and apparently without life. These lava fields, combined with the distinctively moulded and finished mountains all through the landmass make an outing around Reykjanes a treat for the eyes.

Reykjanesbær is the capital of Reykjanes and is a youthful, energetic, and quickly developing town on the promontory. The town is lined by Njarðvík and Keflavik.

Reykjanesbær is home to immaculate characteristic view and social components. When going to Iceland via vehicle, this is a spot you would prefer not to miss. There’s a lot to do and see, particularly in case you’re now in South Iceland.

Viking World Museum

The Viking World Museum honours the life and culture of the Vikings that settled Iceland hundreds of years prior. The historical centre is home to a reproduction of the Gokstad Viking Ship. It allows guests to get a very close gander at the workmanship. Guests can likewise visit within the boat.

This is the spot to go if you need to find out about the Vikings and their profound established history in the area.

The Icelandic Museum
The Icelandic Museum of Rock ‘n’ Roll

The Museum of Rock ‘n’ Roll

The Icelandic Museum of Rock ‘n’ Roll is perhaps the most exceptional spots to visit in Reykjanesbær. The gallery subtleties the set of experiences. It also showcases Icelandic popular and awesome music changes, dating right back to 1830 and introducing times.

In the exhibition hall, you’ll discover the absolute most eminent works of Icelandic specialists depicted

Duus Museum

Another advantageous fascination in Reykjanesbær is the Duus Museum. The gallery is an art and social focus. It has displayed corridors for shows, nearby exhibition halls, and blended social exercises. In the Duus Museum, you’ll discover the history, nature, and compelling artwork.

Head outside and absorb the perspectives on the wonderful Keflavik Bay. Follow one of the numerous pathways, and you may simply get a snappy look at whales in the ocean.


Appreciate nature in its rawest structure at Bergid. This is the ideal spot for a clifftop stroll over magma fields and vast water. At Bergid, you can move up to disregard the hold and hear the waves breaking against the shore. This isn’t a climb for amateurs, as getting to the top is somewhat testing. For less experienced explorers, have a go at climbing the more limited bluffs where you can, see magnificent sea sees.

Giantess Cave—Skessuhellir

Appreciate a wonderful waterfront cavern that is home to a huge savage model when visiting Giantess Cave. The strange cavern is close to the marina in Keflavík and opens to the general population since 2008.

The character within the cavern comes from the tale of Sigga and the Giantess. The Giantess remains more than five meters high, and she is very intuitive! Therefore, she inhales, burps, wheezes, and has other human-like qualities that make certain to make children and grown-ups snicker.

Make certain to bring a pen and a piece of paper with you so you can leave a letter in the post box within the cavern!


Make a stride back in time with an excursion to Stekkjarkot. The historical centre was previously an 1800s angler’s house. The cabin is constructed with stone, lumber, and turf. however, it shows the early craftsmanship of Icelandic individuals many years back.

Visit Reykjanes Island near to Iceland Reykjavik
Natural Reykjanes

Ensure that you can openly and advantageously travel all through Reykjanesbær. You can also encompass territories by putting resources into Keflavik vehicle rental administrations. If you’re wondering where to lease a vehicle in Iceland, look no farther than Northern Lights vehicle rental in Iceland.

Daring Activities

Reykjanes with its lunar scene is the ideal territory for some gutsy activities. ATV/Quad trekking is exceptionally well known around there. It gives an extraordinary chance to encounter the unpleasant seashores and superb magma fields very close. If you’re in Iceland throughout the mid-year, you need to go on a Panorama ATV visit and experience a genuine mountain safari.

For something a smidgen more natural, attempt the horse riding visit, which will have less strength but more Horse Pwrr! (humour me). For the individuals who favour more grandiose pursuits, a helicopter visit over the promontory will offer remarkable sights over this phenomenal region.