City of Dreams: Vienna

Vienna is a city that has a glorious past, and it has the shreds of evidence to prove it. Whether it is long-reigning Habsburg family, classical music composed by their own Mozart, or antiques; this city has a lot of stuff to keep the tourist amused for days. All the tourist sites are centrally located and easy to reach, such as the Haus der Musik (House of Music) and the Museums Quartier Wien. However, if they are not centrally located, such as Schönbrunn Palace, are not out of reach.

Vienna is known as the City of Dreams because it was the house of the world’s first psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud. It has a long history that lies back to Celtic and Roman settlements that later changed into a Medieval and Baroque city. It is also known as the city of music because of its long musical legacy. This city has too much to explore and wonder let’s do it together.

Vienna Geography For Tourists

Vienna is the national capital, largest city, and one among the nine states of Austria. It is the cultural, economic, and power centre of Austria. Vienna is the second largest German-speaking city after Berlin-Germany. It is located in the northeast of Austria, at the easternmost extension of the Alps in the Vienna Basin. The city spans both sides of the Meandering Danube.

Vienna Climate

Vienna has an oceanic climate which has warm summer with an average high temperature in June to September of approximately 21 to 27 °C. During July and August, Vienna witness periodical rains range from 66.6 and 66.5 mm. Winter is cold and dry with freezing temperatures while having snowfall in November. Spring is inconstant and autumn cool.  It receives moderate rainfall throughout the year which has considerable local variations, averaging around 550 mm (21.7 in) annually.

Travel Tips to Visit Vienna – Austria

April to May or September to October is the best time to visit Vienna. There are few travellers during the mild weather in spring and fall. Most of the tourists come to Vienna to enjoy the warm, sunny weather of summer months. Between June and August, it is difficult to find a room at cheap rates because of a large crowd of travelers. As Vienna is famous for its Christmas lighting December also sees a spike in tourism because many Europeans herd to the city for the Christmas.

Travel Options to Visit Vienna – Austria

You can reach there by plane, bus or train choice is yours.

By train

The train journey is easy in Vienna because the train connects Vienna with other neighbouring countries like Munich, Budapest, Zurich, and Prague. Train station’s names in Vienna starts with German name “Wien” which helps the tourist in buying the tickets. It can be confusing to understand where trains depart and arrive because train going towards East usually leaves from West station.  Best solution is to check the online schedules, if you do this then you can easily enjoy your trip. Tickets can be available from all tickets offices around 5 AM to 11 PM. If you forget to buy a ticket before you can also buy it from the conductor, who not only sell tickets at regular rates but also has certain discounted tickets (cash only).

By bus

There is a mix-up of international bus services coming into Vienna daily. Discounted tickets are available for those under 26 and over 60 on walk-up fares but not on advanced purchase (“promo”) tickets. Eurolines Austria is the largest operating company which has its own vehicles with a certain quality, but this is not true for their international partners.

By plane

There are two main airports (Vienna international airport, Bratislava Airport) along with other small airports from where you can fly towards or outside Vienna. Vienna International Airport is located just outside the city limits and is the base of the flag-carrier Austrian Airlines, as well formerly budget airline Niki. Most European airlines and a substantial number of international airlines have direct connections to Vienna from their corresponding countries. However, there are only two Airlines, Austrian and Air Canada fly to the Americas but no service available for Africa (aside from Egypt and Tunisia). In the same way, Bratislava Airport has located 34 miles away from Vienna international airport. Ryanair airline has the most flights from here along with Danube Wings, Norwegian Air Shuttle, UTair and Sun d’Or.

There are also numbers of smaller airports in the region such as Budapest and Munich where the number of budgets airlines operate and provide direct flights on intercontinental trips with subsequent savings.

You can also travel by car but it’s better not to use the car because of two reasons. First, there is limited parking space with high charges and secondly, Vienna has an excellent subway and tram system which take you anywhere in the city.