Bridges, steps and banners are the three words that came into mind when thinking about Girona. It is a flawless little city in the north of Spain.

During an ideal 48 hours in Girona city, I would cross one of its numerous extensions. I had climbed the stone strides of a middle-age flight of stairs to find its privileged insights and its accounts. Each supernatural road route would be set apart by beautiful banners hung from overhangs. There room windows stating the solid social, political and donning personality of inhabitants.

It is just an hour north of its better-known neighbour via train or vehicle. Girona has for some time been a mainstream road trip objective for guests to Barcelona or somewhere else along the Costa Brava. In any case, we would beseech you to spend somewhat more here to get under its skin. It relishes a portion of the roads that are so incoherently lovely that you’ll need to see them twice.

Here are our own special individual proposals on the best activities in Girona. It will help you to design the ideal end of the week.

Girona 7 tourist activities
Top 7 activities during Girona Visit

Girona: Top 7 activities

1- Find the bridges

If all else fails in Girona, make like James Brown and take it to the scaffold. Or on the other hand, more precisely, the extensions.

Eleven puentes are confounding the shallow Onyar waterway, each with an unmistakable style and point of view on the city. The Pont de Pedra, with its magistrate of curves, resembles something out of fantasy. Yet the superstar is without a doubt Pont de Ferro – the rust-red, ironwork of a Mr Gustave Eiffel.

Developed in 1877, two years before the work on a specific little pinnacle in Paris was finished. It is not difficult to see its persuasions and its congruity of thoughts.

The extensions also carry you to the notorious interwoven of beautiful riverside homes. They structure a particularly striking tasteful differentiation with the old town’s Roman and Medieval stone designs. For picture takers, or individuals hoping to get alternate points of view, you will need to meander across each extension during your visit to take in a kaleidoscope of vistas.

2- Be a kid again at Rocambolesc Gelateria

Rocambolesc presents the absolute generally inventive, innovative and heavenly ice-cream and ice-lollies we have at any point experienced.

With a wealth of genuinely delectable ice-cream flavours and blends (sweets floss and goat’s milk frozen yoghurt anybody?). You will think that it’s difficult to pick. Also, that is before you head to the cooler and find the creative popsicles/ice-lollies on offer – from the strawberry and rosewater sorbet formed on Jordi Roca’s plentiful nose to the blueberries and vanilla Darth Vader-molded ‘Clouded Side’. There’s an explanation this is maybe the perhaps the most prescribed activities in Girona!

3- Climb the Cathedral Stairs

Similarly, as with numerous Spanish urban areas, there is no deficiency of heavenly locales, enormous and little. The superstar anyway is Girona Cathedral.

It took a long time before I could get over the way that it just has one pinnacle. Worked between the eleventh and eighteenth hundreds of years (that’s right, that long!), it naturally includes a variety of design impacts. That highlights, from Roman to Gothic and Baroque. Their houses probably the most distinctive stained-glassed windows we’ve at any point seen.

If you’d prefer to take some photographs on the notable 90 stages, or appreciate it without swarms, at that point unquestionably set the alert right on time to make it here before 9 a.m.

Another feature inside the Cathedral’s going with the museum is the goliath Tapís de la Creació (Tapestry of Creation). From the eleventh century, it is staggeringly all around saved. It is one of the few enduring instances of an escalated type of embroidery as done in France’s Bayeux woven artwork. Weaving strict stories on creation, the seasons and time, it truly merits spending a short time poring over its detail. The ocean animals at the base are especially engaging, including a very comedic ‘turtle canine’.

Girona City Game
Get Your Game of Thrones, Girona City

4- Get Your Game of Thrones on

If you’re a fanatic of the gigantic HBO arrangement, at that point you’re presumably admirers of everything winged serpents, Daenerys and broken families, at that point you’re probably going to need to realize that Girona was one of the principal shooting destinations in Season Six – thus you find the city on your own special Game of Thrones recording areas expedition!

Jamie Lannister and the white pony up the steps? That’s right, that was at the Cathedral. Daze Arya asking and battling and falling over of an extension? That’s right, that was all here. The little yet lovely eleventh century Arab Baths (€2 passage) – you may very well perceive that as well.

You can look at this article for a scene by scene outline of where to discover the recording areas. Anyway, it merits recalling that Girona has been a mainstream shooting area for some time (and once you walk its roads you’ll see precisely why), with the fantastic Perfume and a few Spanish movies likewise shot here.

5- Walk the City Walls

To give yourself the absolute best perspectives on the city – both the old and the new parts – with the pinnacles of the Pyrenees somewhere out there, at that point you should put aside an hour or two to walk the old city dividers – known as the Passeig de la Muralla.

Part Roman and part fourteenth century, with classy late reclamation, the primary divider runs for about a large portion of a mile. Getting you up twisting flights of stairs lookouts, through mystery gardens and baffling alcoves, attempt to do it in the brilliant hour in the early morning or late evening for the best photographs. We would advise against doing it in the pinnacle evening sun.

Walk to Girona City
Walk the City Walls, Girona-Spain

To enter, your smartest choice is to go using the nursery at the rear of Girona Cathedral – this will give you a less ‘tough’ climb in general. You will exit by a Spanish Civil War remembrance, from where you a brief’s stroll back to the extensions. Make certain to carry a suppress of water with you and head Torre del General Peralta for our number one perspective on the Cathedral and the old town.

6- Find Secret Gardens and Museums

I lose check at the number of wonderful little shelters and covered up away gardens I discovered while strolling around the city. The stroll along the old dividers uncovered a few, while visits to the Cathedral and a few museums permitted admittance to the quietest hideaways – for what reason don’t we fabricate things like this any more?!

Long-term perusers of Along Dusty Roads will realize that we don’t suggest or visit each museum a city as – we’re simply not tremendous devotees of ceramics and we don’t anticipate that you should be by the same token. Be that as it may, Girona plays host to more than a couple of spots of interest:

Museum of Archeology:

Based in the old church, when we visited it was a brilliantly curated utilization of this space. The impermanent exhibition DID anyway have a considerable amount of ceramics…

Museum of Jewish History:

The yard at the back, with the Star of David on the tiles, is exquisite. The reason for this museum is to share the historical backdrop of the Jewish people group which were crucial in the improvement of Catalonia in the Medieval time frame. – The Museum of Cinema: We couldn’t visit this shockingly, however it’s strongly suggested by many. In a city famous with movie producers, it bodes well that social space and museum committed to the set of experiences and improvement of the moving picture is in Girona.

7- Eat with Cyclists at La Fabrica

On any end of the week outing to Girona, you’re probably going to spot lycra-clad people bombarding down a portion of the old town’s cobbled roads on two wheels. The explanation? Girona is a since quite a while ago settled and much-cherished spot in the genuine cycling local area because of its environment, encompassing courses and vicinity to the preparation prospects on the Pyrenees.

La Fabrica, Girona
Eat with Cyclists at La Fabrica, Girona

Thus, it has a very close local area of experts living here for all time and semi-for all time (their number once incorporated a pre-disfavour Lance Armstrong and Floyd Landis) and many cycling aficionados visit Girona essentially to utilize it as a base to get on their bicycle outside the city.

In this way, any cyclist or devotee of the Tour, Giro or Vuelta, should make a straight shot to La Fabrica. Set up by the two or three previous professional Christian Meier and his significant other Amber, it is the best spot to examine courses and everything cycling – and possibly detect your number one rider. For every other person, just come for the astounding informal breakfast menu, incredible espresso and phenomenal new smoothies.

As a spot which checks all the privilege boxes for cool fashionable person bistro, it’s not the least expensive spot around – but rather it is unquestionably justified, despite any trouble. Make an honest effort to seize a spot on the modest bunch of tables outside, or get a pad and make the most of your coffee on the steps.