By Plane:

                        Václav Havel Airport Prague is the main airport of the city which is about 20 km away from the city center. Numbers of airlines operate here some are Czech Airlines, Wizz Air, EasyJet,, SmartWings to Europe, Swiss international and Norwegian.

By Train:

Prague is all around associated with European EC train organization, anyway, there is no Czech rapid rail thus the greatest train speed is 120–160 kilometers for every hour (75–99 mph), however, generally, the normal speed is a lot of lower at around 70 kilometers for each hour. While worldwide and intercity administrations are commonly dependable, be ready for deferrals of more than a couple of moments when utilizing nearby trains.

By Bus

The primary bus station for international buses in Prague is Florenc present east of the downtown area. The second biggest bus station is Na Knížecí. It is situated close to the Vltava waterway at the west bank, south of the downtown area. It is associated with Anděl metro station. Local buses a lot to Český KrumlovIt generally utilize it.  Other, less now and again utilized bus stations are at Dejvická, Černý most, Zličín, Nádraží Holešovice and Roztyly. Eurolines, Ecolines, Student Agency and Orange Ways associate Prague to significant European urban communities.

By car

Prague has interstate associations from five significant bearings. Shockingly, the interstate organization in the Czech Republic is very inadequate and a few parkways are old and in a helpless condition. Accordingly, the roadway association from Prague to the fringe of the Czech Republic is accessible just in three ways: southeast, southwest and northwest.


            The ideal approach to get around Prague is walking or by open transportation. Investigating this city by walking is a treat for the eyes, in addition to huge numbers of the most essential attractions are inside strolling separation of each other. Furthermore, a few of the city’s top guided visits are strolling visits. There is a broad public transportation framework that incorporates bus, cable car and metro lines.

Prague Tour


Czech food is under-rated compare to a portion of its European neighbours. Yet that doesn’t make it any less scrumptious. In its over 1,100-year history, the nation’s passage has affected by close by nations like Germany, Austria and Poland. Ordinary dinners comprise of meat – and bunches of it – close by sauce and knedlíky (bread dumplings). This setup makes up one of the quintessential Czech dishes, svícková, which additionally incorporates a vegetable cream sauce, whipped cream and cranberry sauce. You’ll likewise discover good dishes, for example, bramboráky (potato flapjacks). These are mainstream road food of the neighbouring nations. Those with a sweet tooth can discover one of a kind Czech dishes like ovocné knedlíky (new organic product dumplings finished off with curd cheddar) and perníky (gingerbread treats) also. For a complete outline of the city’s feasting scene, pursue a food visit.


Yet, where Prague culture truly sparkles is its brew. The Czech Republic has as often named as the top brew devouring nation on the planet and all things considered – its lager is first class. Pilsners were just 60 miles southeast in Pilsen. Thusly, bar culture is significant. Be careful that once you begin requesting, the beverages will continue coming until you request that your worker stop or bring the check. If all else fails, place your napkin over your glass.

Since Prague invites swarms of explorers every year, be careful with scam eateries that offer watered-down variants of credible dishes. A few foundations, for example, U Medvídku and Pivovarský Klub, offer conventional dishes alongside loads of nearby brew in containers and on tap. For much more feel, you can have dinner on the open-air porch of Mlýnec, which offers stand-out perspectives on the Charles Bridge. In case you’re after a more gourmet experience, the Michelin-featured La Degustation Boheme Bourgeoise makes certain to fulfil.


            Prague has an abundance of accommodation choices, a significant number of them inside strolling distance of the town place. Pinnacle season, runs from April to October and a significant deluge of guests can be normal during New Year too. Costs for convenience can be up to twice as high in the pinnacle season and reservations are exhorted. Something else, the primary train station, Hlavní nádraží, has a convenience booking administration for inns and lodgings higher up. Ordinarily, expense, and breakfast are remembered for the room rate.