Thun is known as the doorway to the Bernese Oberland, yet not as a result of its topographical area. The city and its encompassing scene fill in as an awesome prologue to the set of experiences, culture, and characteristic excellence of this locale in Switzerland.

With a few Swiss legacy locales of public importance, a fortunate high setting, and riverside area only downstream from a lake, both history and nature darlings will discover things to see and do in Thun.

Instructions to Spend One Day Thun-Things to See and Do

My primary inspiration for visiting Thun was to see the territory’s lakes, castles, and other memorable engineering. In my SWITZERLAND ITINERARY, I put in a safe spot one day for investigating Thun and a second day for wandering out on a side excursion. When my train showed up and I got subsided into my inn.

I just had a large portion of a day to become acquainted with the city (which ended up being adequate). I began my encounter with a guided strolling visit that indicated me the primary attractions in Thun’s Old Town, at that point finished my day with a boat voyage to encounter Thun’s lovely characteristic environmental factors.

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Instructions to Spend One Day Thun-Things to See and Do

Here are a few things to see and do in Thun to capitalize on a short visit.

Investigate Thun’s Old Town

I began my evening in Thun by taking a guided visit through Thun’s middle age Old Town. The notable focus of Thun is its grand location along the Aare stream. It has cobblestone roads, safeguarded old structures, and merry public squares.

The most ideal approach to get to Thun’s Old Town is by getting more than one of the covered wooden extensions. Obere Schleuse (the upper lock) interfaces the south side of Thun with Bälliz Island, while Untere Schleuse (the lower lock) associates the island with the notable heart of Thun on the north side of the stream.

The wooden locks worked to manage the progression of the Aare. On one side there is quick streaming water that individuals like to surf on, while the opposite side is a lot more settled. It was amusing to see individuals surfing. Yet my #1 thing about the extensions was the way they had brilliant pink blossoms, making them perhaps the prettiest thing to see in Thun.

Obere Hauptgasse

In the wake of getting over Obere Schleuse, my visit proceeded to Obere Hauptgasse, one of the principal shopping roads in Thun. What makes this old, thin road interesting is that there is a raised promenade over the road level stores, making admittance to two degrees of shops and eateries.

Thun old city switzerland
Investigate Thun’s Old Town

Close to the east finish of Obere Hauptgasse is a nearly concealed flight of stairs, called Kirchtreppe, paving the way to the city church (Stadkirche Thun) and Thun Castle. There are some pleasant perspectives on Lake Thun and the mountains from here. However, it’s truly a secret for the much more amazing perspectives you can see from inside Thun Castle.

If you somehow managed to proceed with straight on Obere Hauptgasse, rather than using the stairwell up to Thun Castle, you’ll come to Rathausplatz, the Town Hall Square. Developed around 1500, the square has customary structures, the focal point of which is the Town Hall.

Rathausplatz was another of my #1 spots to see in Thun due to the magnificent perspective on Thun Castle overshadowing the square. It was a respectable scene that united Thun’s long history with its saved magnificence.

The last feature of my visit through Thun’s Old Town was Mühleplatz, or the Mühli, as local people call it. Situated toward the finish of the Untere Schleuse, this clamouring square highlights various riverside bistros and eateries to unwind at before proceeding down Aarequai for a walk around River Aare.

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Visit Thun Castle (Schlossberg)

The Dukes of Zähringen constructed the Thun Castle which is a symbol of the city.

During my visit to Thun Castle, I found out about its development and history. The improvement of Thun, and most strangely, a fight between siblings that finished in homicide at the castle.

Other than the museum shows, it has other different features. Thun Castle has the Knights’ Hall, the little jail, and the all-encompassing perspective from the corner towers. The sky wasn’t clear enough for me to see the encompassing mountains, yet the perspective on Lake Thun and the city didn’t frustrate me!

Take a Boat Cruise on Lake Thun

I think one about the best activities in Thun goes on a boat journey on Lake Thun, the biggest lake in the Bernese Oberland.

There are a few travels you can look over, yet I chose to do the "after-work journey" on the noteworthy Blümlisalp paddle liner, underlying 1906.

Skimming across flickering blue-green waters, we passed by mountains, forested slopes, castles, and a few little towns as the sunset. We made brief stops at the towns among Thun and Beatenbucht. Yet the vast majority decided to remain ready for the full circle while getting a charge out of supper and beverages.

Lake thun
Take a Boat Cruise on Lake Thun

My #1 sight during the voyage on Lake Thun was of Oberhofen Castle. It was so lovely with its little pinnacle reaching out over the lake. Indeed, it was an image of this castle that initially acquainted me with Lake Thun and enlivened me to visit.

A journey on Lake Thun was the ideal method to loosen up after an evening of touring in Thun. It fortified exactly how excellent the scene around Thun is. It made me appreciative for picking it as the last objective on my fourteen-day outing to Switzerland.

Thun Museums

Kunstmuseum – Art Musem

The Art Museum is housed in the previous great “Thunerhof”, a nineteenth-century lavish inn and the first of its sort in Thun. The emphasis is on contemporary masterpieces by Swiss and global specialists. Presentations change four to five times each year.

Historic Museum

It’s sufficiently housed in the Castle of Thun, including the local history and coordinates uncommon displays on chronicled and current undertakings.

Spielzeugmuseum – Toy Musem

Travel back in time with a visit to the dazzling Toy Museum in the ‘Place of Angel’. A wide assortment of kids’ toys somewhere in the range of 1850 and 1960 show with what youngsters used to play during this period. Toys are not just toys, they are small forms of life and uncovered observer of social traditions. A little store offers locally high-quality toys, an uncommon trinket to bring home. It likewise houses an enchanting bistro.

More Things to Do in Thun

Since I just had a large portion of a day in Thun, there are a few things I passed up that I would have gotten a kick out of the chance to see.

The Thun-Panorama, in Schadaupark, sounded intriguing because it’s the world’s most established enduring round artistic creation. The 38-meter picture portrays the modest community of Thun and was covered up 200 years back.

Schadau Castle worked somewhere in the range of 1846 and 1854 in Gothic Revival style, looked pretty as I was passing by on the boat, so it would have been fascinating to investigate. Regardless, it’s likely a decent spot to have an outing, being so near both the Aare stream and Lake Thun.

Last Thoughts About My Trip to Thun

Even though my time in Thun was short, I had the chance to find out about the city’s set of experiences and experience the two its man-made and regular excellence. I particularly cherished the perspectives from the castle and landscape along stream Aare and Lake Thun. The shade of the water was ravishing!

Thun was additionally a beautiful base for investigating Lake Brienz, the Bernese Highlands’ other significant lake. On my second day in Thun, I did a side excursion that incorporated a BOAT CRUISE ON LAKE BRIENZ, visit the Giessbach Falls, and stroll around the town of Brienz.

Even though Thun isn’t as midway situated as the more mainstream Interlaken, with a couple of short train trips I was as yet ready to encounter the locale’s lakeside attractions without feeling like I was situated in a “touristy” town.

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Tips for Visiting Thun

Area: Thun is situated at the lower end of Lake Thun in the canton of Bern, Switzerland.

Arriving: Thun is very much associated with Switzerland’s rail organization. It tends to be reached via train from Bern in around 20 minutes or Zurich in around an hour and a half.

Getting Around: Thun is exceptionally simple to get around because the trains, neighbourhood transports, and boats all leave from a similar zone. The Old Town is strolling distance from the train station.

PanoramaCard Thunersee: If you stay for the time being at lodging or annuity in Thun, you will be given a PanoramaCard that takes into account free travel on the STI transport organization and PostBuses all through the area. This visitor card gives extra limits and advantages including a free open guided visit through Thun’s Old Town.

Guided Tours: Guided voyages through Thun and Thun Castle are given (for a charge) by the neighbourhood traveller office. Public visits are accessible in English and German. You can join at the Thun-Thunersee Tourismus Welcome Center at the train station.

Lake Thun Sightseeing
Lake Thun Sightseeing Cruises

Lake Thun Sightseeing Cruises: Boat travels on Lake Thun and Lake Brienz are worked by BLS. Visit their WEBSITE for more data about voyage types, costs, and to see schedules and guides. I prescribe downloading the printed schedule to help plan your lake cruise(s).

You can purchase tickets from the BLS station opposite the train station. On the off chance that you have a SWISS TRAVEL PASS, you can go on the boats for nothing.