Athens the land of blue houses at the beach of tranquilize water

A trip full of excitement and pleasure, land of blue houses at the beach of tranquilize water, such trip would be full of amazement that includes visit of ancient and contemporary town, and yes I am talking about Athens Capital city of Greece. A city that has vast history and it is the combination city of old and modern town. Athens was the home of Plato’s Academy and it was Aristotle’s Lyceum as well. It is city of art and philosophy and its view amaze its visitors with natural beauty, beauty that is spellbinding and leave its visitors in a world of wonder. Athens has credibility that it is known as the home of western civilization.

Old town

Wandering in the streets of old town one can feel the beauty and calmness of old culture. Athens has preserved its history and it was a powerful city. It has not left its glory and it is the financial, cultural, industrial and maritime city of Greece. Athens attracts millions of visitors from around the world and its port Piraeus is the 2nd largest port of the world and 1st largest passenger port of Europe. Its beauty binds the visitors in the magic of blue houses. It is not less than a dream to sit in the streets of Greece outside a café and enjoy music and tea together.

Magical city

Athens is a magical city and a city of spirituality that has attracted many philosophers and authors. It is an ancient city of art and architecture. Give yourself a chance to visit all the monuments that have impressed poets. Visiting Athens unveil the secret that how architecture can live long through ages. My blog reveals the beauty of the city and also provide enough information for a comfortable trip. You will get info on food and residence, as well as information about tourists, guide here. If you are a fan of Bollywood movies you can imagine romantic scenes at the beach of blue water and white sand. Yes! It is the best place to spend some exotic moments with your partner there.

Tourists sights

According to international and local tourists sights in Athens are worth seeing. It includes Acropolis Museum, Parthenon, Acropolis of Athens, Temple of Olympian Zeus, Syntagma square, Ancient Agora of Athens, Old temple of Athens, Mount Lycabettus and also National Archeological Museum. Acropolis Museum is an archaeological museum it has preserved the archaeological sites of the Acropolis of Athens, it was opened for the public in 2009 and almost 4250 objects were exhibited over an area of 14000 square meters. Till now it has attracted many people having the interest of art and historical places. It has saved all the archaeological sites from steep to the slopes of Greece.

Archaeological sites

Parthenon the Athens citadel is home to several important archaeological sites. The foremost famed is that the temple, a temple dedicated to the Greek goddess Athena. A lot of the ancient citadel was destroyed in 480 BC once Persians invaded Athens. The Athens citadel may be a United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization World Heritage website. The temple is therefore special as a result of the initial of all is that it is an image of Athens democracy. 


It had been designed on the success of the Persians WHO occupied Athens in 480 before Christ. It had been designed to celebrate success and it has preserved Athens political, economic, and cultural superiority. If you want to visit the Parthenon you must know There would be 2 price tickets choices for entrance into the citadel and temple.  If you purchase a ticket for entrance solely into the citadel otherwise you should buy a mixture ticket into the citadel and six additional archaeological sites.

Ancient and modern lifestyle

Apart from the historical sites nightlife of Athens is very attractive. Athens is a metropolis has is an amalgamation of ancient and modern lifestyle, Athenians have advanced themselves and enjoy the luxury of life with wine and music. Don’t underestimate Athens’ nightlife scene. The choices are endless:  super clubs that remain open ‘til sunrise, chilled-out live music venues serving up native beers, or craft cocktail bars that all is the right mixture of fashionable and relaxed style. No matter which type of person you are, you’ll notice an area for you in Athens. It’s a fairly massive town; therefore it’s most likely best to interrupt down Athens’ nightlife by neighbourhood.


Club-hoppers ought to hit up the areas of Gazi and Monastiraki. Here you’ll notice vast venues hosting international DJs and also the streets filled with parties. If you’re a lot of concerning fashionable bars, the neighbourhood of Exarchia could be a hip hotspot with a large array of little bars and a growing food scene. Hipsters and funky children can work right in on an evening go into Koukaki, wherever you’ll notice live music venues and chill bars frequented by young locals. You really can’t fail despite wherever you decide on to finish up, as every space is home to plenty of places, excellent for an evening of bar and club crawl. Therefore once it involves Athens nightlife, here’s everything you wish to grasp.

Favourite food and dishes at Athens

The Greek cookery was based on the “Mediterranean taste”. Touching on its significant use of cereals, olives and grapes. However over time, contemporary vegetables, sweet honey, tasty fish, succulent lamb and swiss cheese are important ingredient of Greek food. If you are travelling off to Athens on a visit, then you must have certain a true style treat. There are many dishes to try. But in my blog, I am suggesting some of the most commonly likes dishes by visitors.


We should begin this text by recommending Greece’s most celebrated dipping source: tzatziki. an excellent complement to fish and grilled meat – particularly throughout sunny days – tzatziki maybe a savoury sauce made from Greek food, cucumber, garlic, vegetable oil and herbs (mint, dill, parsley and thyme being common), with a generous splash of juice or vino vinegar.

Souvlaki (Kalamaki)

Arguably the most famous Greek dish within the country is kebab or Kalamaki. It is as classical as the design in Athens. Kebab may be a straightforward, tasty dish consists of little chunks of meat (and typically vegetables) grilled on a skewer. It may be eaten straight from the skewer or served with potatoes and flatbread bread.

Gyro or Gyros

The distinction between a gyro and Kalamaki kebab is however the meat is ready. Kebab has items of meat on a skewer and roasted over a grill. Gyro, on the opposite hand, is sort of a kabob and created with meat roasted on a vertical rotisserie. In Athens, the meat used in this delectable dish is typically pork or chicken (as hostile lamb) and is served in a very pocket bread wrap aboard vegetables, potatoes, tzatziki and lemon.


For visitors who have sweet tooth and love a savoury pastry treat, spanakopita (spinach pie) could be a must-try. Enfolded in very pretty and flaky pate Feuillet dough, spanakopita delivers an amazingly refreshing style due to a mixture of spinach, herbs and feta cheese. This melt-in-your-mouth dish may be enjoyed as a main, as a side, or as a takeaway snack Flaky pastry with savoury cheese and spinach filling is such delicious that, you’ll get obsessed with this.

Preferred dishes

If we will discuss in detail the taste and making of dishes it would be more lengthy and mouthwatering as well, I am going to share the name of other more preferred food of Greek in Athens are Loukoumades (Greek Doughnuts), one of the healthy suggestion would be Greek Yogurt, Amygdalota (Almond Cookie), and not the last but the most famous Greek food is Ouzo.

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It would be not wrong if we say that Athens is a rich land of landscapes and food as well. It is a city full of life. Athenians enjoy their life and let others wander and enjoy the state. Spending the summer holidays in Athens is the best idea. It would be millions worth to spend some moments of life there. All these details about Athens are enough to convince you that just pack your bag and have a trip to Athens. You will get tourists there it would be more interesting to get a taxi on rent. Wander a day along and enjoy and discover more about the history of Romans, Byzantines and Athenian. I just imagine and get excited about the quality of time that could be spent with friends and family in Greece.