On the southeastern bank of Spain sits Alicante, an entrancing city flooding with a rich culture, going back more than 7000 years. This waterfront town is the capital of the territory of Alicante and has a place with the self-governing local area of Valencia.

Being straightforwardly on the Mediterranean make it a problem area for anybody searching for an excursion by the shore. Individuals from across Spain and Europe venture out here to encounter its bright climate. During that time it is quite possibly the most well known urban area in Spain. Restricted roads and vivid structures make it a stand-out site. Having the chance to spend a late spring here was a truly mind-blowing experience for me.

With such a great amount to see and do, I have picked a portion of the features that each guest will need to add to their agenda when visiting this delightful piece of Spain.

A little history about Alicante

Back in the days, Alicante was much the same as some other middle-aged Spanish town a walled city, but since of its essential area on the Costa Blanca coast, it has been battled about a great deal. Consequently, Alicante has been constructed, obliterated and remade on many occasions throughout the few hundred years. A few realities to show you the significance of Alicante ever:

  • The principal significant distance train in Spain went from Madrid to Alicante.
  • Alicante was the final conservative city that Franco took over in the Spanish Civil War (1936-1939).
  • Napoleon took over Spain aside from two urban communities: Cadiz and Alicante.
Little history alicante
A little history about Alicante, Spain

In light of such an excess of battling about the city, very few old structures are left in Alicante Old Town. By the by it is a lovely spot to walk around.

An ideal opportunity to make a trip to Alicante

Any season is a decent opportunity to visit Alicante. Obviously, on the off chance that you need to dodge the groups, you don’t make a trip to Alicante in the mid-year months June, July and August. Yet, even winter is an incredible opportunity to visit Alicante.

All the photographs taken in this Alicante touring blog are from mid-December. To me, it was the ideal time for my days off in Alicante, in light of the mellow temperatures and the abandoned roads.

From Alicante Airport to Alicante downtown area

May you choose to spend your Alicante weekend break simply in the city then you can either take a taxi from the air terminal to your inn or the Alicante air terminal transport. The transport just expense €3,85 per individual, taxi’s effectively asked €25.

The transport from Alicante Airport to Alicante downtown area leaves right external the appearances corridor and is called C6. It has a few stops along the Explanada de Espana, the principal avenue in the city.

Museums are free

Something incredible about an outing to Alicante is that all the museums are free. You can simply stroll in. Which museums are cool to visit? Look down to the spots to see in the Alicante area.

Top 12 Activities and things to do in Alicante

12 Activities in Alicante
Top 12 Activities and things to do in Alicante

1. Climb up to Santa Barbara Castle

If you are sensibly fit or have the opportunity at any rate, kindly approach the highest point of the Santa Barbara Castle. To me, it is perhaps the best activity in Alicante. There is numerous way to prompt the palace on top of the slope. It is 166 meters above ocean level however the perspectives from up there are amazing. During the climb up you will continually be ruined with astonishing perspectives every which way over Alicante downtown area.

The stroll up is quite steep, yet you will value it considerably more once you arrive at the top. You can likewise drive up to the passageway of the Santa Barbara Castle.

There are a few spots to have a beverage en route with great perspectives over the downtown area and the sea.

There are a few compositions corridors. Yet I was simply generally inspired by the view. There is no Santa Barbara Castle extra charge. At the point when you visit Alicante try to put this on your activities list!

Watching the dawn is beyond the realm of imagination as there are opening times. From April till September the stronghold is open from 10 am to 10 pm, in the cold weather months the manor is just open till 8 pm.

2. Walk around Old Town Alicante

One of my number one activities on a city break is to get lost. This time I wound up someplace in Alicante Old Town and I was overwhelmed by its excellence. Roosted in the inclines of the Santa Barbara Castle there are these charming little roads and steps. Houses are painted in various tones and all have blossomed in front. On the off chance that you are searching for sentimental activities in Alicante, at that point walk around Old Town.

3. Sunbath on El Postiguet Beach

There are a few astounding seashores around Alicante. I cannot disclose to you which one is awesome I didn’t attempt them all. The seashore in the downtown area is called El Postiguet. A little North you can locate a colossal seashore called San Juan Playa. For individuals remaining in Alicante City Center, I would prescribe going to El Postiguet.

4. Visit the fish market

The nearby food in Alicante generally consistently contains fish. On account of its dry environment there never truly were freedoms to develop something so verifiably dried food and fish has consistently been essential for their menu. In the Alicante downtown area, there is Mercado Central, this clamouring place is cool to stroll around. You will be stunned by what they all sell here.

5. Bring your fish eateries

Fresher than this it can barely get. Around the business sectors, there are a few cafés where you can bring your fish and they cook it for you. Get it at the market, present it to the café and let them set up a dinner for you with your fish. Right external the market there is a café called La Rotonda who likewise does this. If I was you I would ask ahead of time before you arrive and say: however Traveltomtom revealed to me it was conceivable… 😉

6. Attempt Turron

When on an Alicante city break you without a doubt need to attempt Turron. Initially from the Alicante area, it is a sort of nougat sweet produced using egg white, nectar, sugar and toasted almonds. It comes in various varieties. There are shops committed to Turron. I strolled into Turrones ESPI at Calle Tomas Lopez Torregrosa and they let me attempt diverse sorts of Turrones. Certainly something you need to attempt when you visit Alicante. They guarantee to make Turron since 1820, so I accept they understand what they are doing.

7. Free strolling visit Alicante

Did you realize that each city you visit has free strolling visits? In Alicante, you can likewise discover one and I sincerely think it is perhaps the best activity. In addition to the fact that you get to see the very best places to visit in Alicante, you likewise get a little cut of history and some cool accounts about the city. The free strolling visit requires around 2 hours and is tip-based. Therefore, they meet each day at 11 am toward the start of Explanada de Espana and you remember them from the purple umbrella.

8. Segway visit

Have you ever had a go at riding a segway? It is similarly pretty much as simple as strolling trust me. An hour city visit cost about €40. You get a little Segway exercise and once you are agreeable you are prepared to investigate the city on a segway.

9. Snorkel at Tabarca Island

From the seashore in Alicante, you can see a little rough island in the sea. During summer numerous boats are going to Tabarca. This possessed island is a secured marine save since 1986. It is an ideal swimming destination.

10. Walk around and down La Rambla

Much the same as in Barcelona the central avenue in Alicante is called La Rambla. Generally, walk around and down and test food and search for gifts in average slows down from road merchants.

11. Investigate the marina

Marinas are consistently incredible to stroll around, particularly around nightfall. It generally gives me such a quieting feeling to see every one of these boats completely arranged. There is a decent patio at SOHO Mar to have a beverage with sees over the marina. You can likewise discover a Volvo Ocean Race Museum, however, I didn’t go inside just as a club.

12. Spots to see in Alicante

I have selected 5 sports things to see during a visit to Alicante and the details are:

5 Sports in Alcante
Top 5 Spots to see in Alicante, Spain

1. Explanda de Espana

The fundamental place of interest in Alicante is its Explanda de Espana. The principal avenue made out of more than 6.5 million marble tiles is something individuals from Alicante are truly glad for. It has a long history yet these days sightseers on their Alicante weekend split walk around and down through the huge palm trees before they take it easy.

Therefore, there are numerous patios and people-watching is a well-known activity in Alicante. The marble tiles of the Explanada have three tones: white and blue are the city shades of Alicante and red. However, Alicante Red is an authority shading marble and costly everywhere in the world, it is a marble that comes from this district.

2. Basilica Santa Maria

Settled in Alicante Old Town close to the Museum of Contemporary Arts you can discover the Santa Maria church. The Baroque passage is really noteworthy and still in propriety. They redesigned the square and the congregation around 10 years back and it looks lovely from an external perspective. Finally, to top inside you gotta come at the perfect time.

The basilica is just open from 11.00-12.00 and 19.00-20.00. During this time there are additionally community gatherings, yet taking photographs is permitted. In this way plan a visit to the Santa Maria Basilica cautiously as it is probably the best spot to visit in Alicante.

Alicante sports
Best 5 Spots to see in Alicante

3. Alicante Cathedral

The San Nicolas de Bari Cathedral is situated in the Alicante downtown area before Plaza del Abad Penalva. The house of God has a 45-meter high blue dome that pinnacles out over the city horizon. The inside is quite amazing as well. Inside there is a subsequent floor to get to by a flight of stairs for an alternate point of view of this astonishing church. Unquestionably among the best places to visit in Alicante.

4. Contemporary Art Museum

Situated close to the Santa Maria Basilica is the Museum of Contemporary Art. It is allowed to enter and it was one of the principal times I strolled into a museum like this. I like the free museum’s idea!

5. Water Museum

At the lower part of Santa Barbara Castle, you will discover the water museum. It fundamentally is a collapse where there is a little piece about how individuals back in the days utilized procedures to save downpour water. The passageway is free, it is a brief visit. Not the most elating spot to see in Alicante, yet ideal to top inside when you cruise by.