While we didn’t eat in Husavik because of the absence of vegetarian alternatives, we halted for espresso. Great espresso is not difficult to get in Iceland. Everybody here appears to cherish drinking espresso.

You can stop for an espresso at Café Hvalbakur, found straightforwardly underneath the North Sailing ticket office. We really went for espresso nearby at Restaurant Gamli Baukur. It was an eatery inside a special structure developed totally out of driftwood found along the coastline of Husavik.

For veggie lover alternatives, your smartest choice is to stop at the nearby Netto supermarket, directly across the road from the North Sailing ticket office. There are a few dinners you can take to go. You’ll discover bunches of fixings to set up a little excursion. It is similar to vegetarian cheddar and bread, granola bars, natural product, and veggie lover chocolate bars. We purchased fixings there to make supper once we arrived at our cabin that evening right outside of Akureyri, Ytri Vik Cottages.

Where to Stay in Husavik?

Husavik is an unassuming community where resides just somewhat more than 2000 occupants. However, the presence of whales close to its shore draws in a great many voyagers consistently.

Particularly during the whale season, around among April and October, you should make your inn reservation well ahead.

The choice is shockingly acceptable, however, if you travel on a tight spending plan, you should consider that everything in Iceland is genuinely costly, and there doesn’t exist genuine modest convenience as far as we might be concerned from different objections.

We’ve handpicked the most ideal options for each sort of voyager.

Financial plan

Árbót Hostel – If you are spending explorer, this is the decision for you. Strategically placed, a clean inn with agreeable staff offers two quarters and private rooms.


Fosshotel Husavik – You can essentially travel all around Iceland and stay just in this chain as they have lodgings in the most touristy objections. Present-day plan, incredible administrations, and the sensible cost is the motivation behind why this lodging is mainstream both among nearby and unfamiliar explorers.

Extravagance | Spirit North Guesthouse – If you need to complete your ideal day in Husavik in style, this may be the inn you are searching for.

Outdoors | As we were going around Iceland in a campervan, we were looking for the best camping area to go through a night after the whale watching visit.

Travel to Husavik
Smart travel guide to Husavik, Iceland?

There is Husavik Campground directly in the town community, yet as it is regularly packed (there were numerous vehicles as we could see toward the finish of June), we chose to head out somewhat further to Camping 66.12 North.

The offices were spotless, there were only three other campervans, and we could watch astonishing dusk/dawn over the ocean.

The cost was 1500 ISK per individual, including a hot shower and the utilization of the kitchen.

Peruse this post if searching for more data about outdoors in Iceland.

While looking for a campervan, you can get 5% off with “laidback trip” promotion code on Go Campers.

Instructions to Get to Husavik

Husavik is situated in the north area of Iceland, and arriving may for some, explorers appear as an excess of problem.

Indeed, ideally, we’ve quite recently demonstrated you that meeting the spot and seeing the whales is absolutely justified, despite all the trouble.

So how would you get to Husavik?

The odds are, that you are going around Iceland either via vehicle or campervan. This is the least complex way. We showed up from Myvatn following street 87 and afterwards 85.

Incidentally, Myvatn Nature Baths are known as an incredible option in contrast to touristy Blue Lagoon, don’t miss it.

If you are lacking as expected, yet at the same time can’t leave Iceland without the whale watching experience, look at flights from Reykjavik worked by Eagle Air.

Sadly, there is no dependable transport administration running among Husavik and close by towns, however, you can locate a private transport.