Poznan was the third stop of our month-long outing through Poland. Like Krakow and Wroclaw before it, the city ends up being one more great astonishment. However, now, I don’t know why we were even astounded! I truly figure Poland might be perhaps the most misjudged nation for movement in Europe simply hiding by not trying to hide.

So indeed, I’m glad to share what I believe are the absolute best activities in Poznan on your visit.

Top 10 Activities in Poznan

Activities in Poznan
Top 10 Activities in Poznan

1. Do a full circle around Old Market Square

I realize I utilize a ton of exemplifications. Yet I simply need to say it, Poznan has perhaps the most excellent town squares in entire Europe!

We by one way or another figured out how to book an AirBnB that was one square from Old Market Square. I was unable to accept my eyes when we adjusted the twist interestingly and I saw them remaining there. The Merchant Houses, these little, thin structures that stand side by side, painted in splendid tones and perplexing examples with pokey windows standing out of the storage room apartments.

2. Talk about looking postcard-awesome!

Yet, that is not all; directly close to the Merchant Houses, you additionally have the Town Hall, which is one more great structure. On the first occasion when I saw it, I was confused it’s anything but a congregation. All things considered, it’s anything but consistently you see a Town Hall complete with a steeple, towers, and painted figures from the Ancient World. Yet that is Poznan for you – prepared to intrigue every step of the way.

The Town Hall likewise has a mechanical clock of two goats butting heads. That draws swarms when the clock strikes early afternoon, yet I just got some answers concerning this after I left.

3. Appreciate the perspectives from the Royal Castle

For perspectives on the Old Town, we advanced toward the Royal Castle. That is in the west finish of the Old Town.

The castle’s unique development traces back to 1249. By the fourteenth century, it was the biggest non-strict structure in the entirety of Poland. Nonetheless, for a structure that goes back that far back, the castle looks shockingly new. That is because between 2010-2016 it’s anything but a total remodel.

A progression of flames, sackings, and assaults, also later occasions like WW2, had left the castle not so good, however, it’s currently open to guests.

Tip: I would suggest climbing the pinnacle in the Royal Castle in the early evening. We went toward the beginning of the day, however, the town is illuminated during this season of the day, so if you need great shots, it’s ideal to save that for later in the day.

Poznan Royal Castle
Royal Castle in Poznan City, Poland

4. Visit the Jesuit College and catch a congregation show

Only south of the Town Square, we likewise visited the Jesuit College, which previously opened its entryways in 1573. Today it houses the City Council, so it’s anything but truly open to guests, yet you can meander into the patio, snap some photographs, and appreciate the bistro on location. It’s a shocking structure and it’s anything but a fast look regardless of whether it’s simply from an external perspective.

Then, at that point, only close to the Jesuit College, we discovered Fara Poznańska, a congregation done in the Baroque Style with similar pink and white tones as the school, and afterwards once you set foot inside a pastel dream with intricate scriptural scenes would make any churchgoer look up and float into a fantasy.

Best of all, the congregation puts on old-style music shows. We coincidentally wandered into the congregation right when they were setting up, so we stayed close by for a piece.

5. Fabulous Theater of Moniuszko

Eponymous with well known Polish drama writer Stanisław Moniuszko. Appreciate awesome melodic exhibitions in the Poznań Grand Theater with its incredible acoustic plan.

Worked over 100 years prior in the picture of Classical Roman Architecture. It brags the Roman plan three-sided tympanum upon the columns like the Pantheon.

The huge insides are astoundingly designed with old-style artistic creations, chandleries and woven artworks, conjuring the sensation of an Imperial Ballroom. An absolute necessity visit on the off chance that you wish to luxuriate in the Royal European inclination.

6. National Museum

As probably the biggest museum in Poland, it is perhaps the best spot to see the value in Polish history and arts. The museum has an unmistakable assortment of Polish artworks just as unfamiliar German, Dutch and Italian canvases.

The museum has immense cash collections also, both Polish and unfamiliar coins are in plain view just as other money-related items.

The exhibitions are isolated into seven displays each lodging a particular topic of Art, from the Gallery of Antiquity to the Gallery of Contemporary Art and everything in the middle. A major threat for any art authority!

Poznan Ariel View
Poznan City Ariel View, Poland

7. Appreciate a peaceful second at Frederic Chopin Park

Another cool little spot is the Frederic Chopin Park, which is found straightforwardly behind the Jesuit College.

Chopin was really from Warsaw, yet he made a concise visit to Poznan so he’s celebrated with his little park and a bust in the centre.

It’s a minuscule park, yet ideal for a little break following a monotonous day of touring, with loads of seats under the front of trees and a little bloom garden. The recreation centre can be gotten to simply off of Wroclawska, a well-known road for food and nightlife.

8. Appreciate the mid-year flows at KontenerART

KontenerART was a truly fascinating shock not very a long way from Poznan’s Old Town. Situated on the banks of the Warta River, this space was part metropolitan seashore, art space, youngsters’ jungle gym, spice and flavour garden, food cart focal and outside bar.

What astonished me most about it was that you had youthful 20-year-olds paying attention to music and appreciating summer drinks on beds, however then you likewise had families with small children having a similar space; guardians were getting a charge out of lunch from the food carts in the shade, and in the interim you had children going around in the sand and making their good times.

KontenerART appeared to draw individuals, all things considered, and nobody was truly annoyed by the other, which was cool to see. I don’t know how bustling it is during the cooler months, however in case you’re in Poznan during summer, it’s anything but a visit.

9. Meander over to Cathedral Island and Srodka

Very much like Wroclaw, Poznan also has its own Cathedral Island, however with far fewer churches. The island sits directly between two parts of the Warta River and is home to Poznan Cathedral, otherwise called the Basilica of St. Peter and St. Paul. That being said, if you just possess energy for one church, I’d pick Fara Poznańska in the Old Town since the inside is undeniably more noteworthy.

On the off chance that you make it right to Cathedral Island, it’s likewise worth intersection one more extension to arrive at the neighbourhood of Śródka. I truly enjoyed that this area had somewhat of elective energy, and it seemed more like a neighbourhood’s go-to end of the week spot instead of a place of interest.

Likewise, look at the photograph underneath and check whether you can detect the wall painting. From the outset, that completely tricked my eyes.

Śródka seemed to have a lot of decisions when it came to food, and every one of the cafés and bars was stuffed when we pondered around there at an end of the week.

We truly needed to eat at Na Winklu which is popular for serving conventional steamed perogies as well as the heated assortment (they nearly look like empanadas). There were no seats accessible, so exercise learned: reserve a spot or be left needing heated pierogi.

10. Devour Poznan’s Food Scene

Pierogi to the side, here are a couple of different spots we appreciated eating at around Poznan:

Fat Bob Burger – Popular spot presenting succulent burgers, exemplary fries and handmade strawberry and kiwi lemonades.

Liczbańscy – Small little pastry kitchen around the square from the Royal Castle presenting scrumptious cakes, cakes and cappuccinos.

Jaglana – Healthy informal breakfast detect that was both veggie lover and vegetarian cordial. Sam had the chocolate buckwheat flapjacks, I had shakshuka, and we both arranged new pressed juices. Their sweets additionally looked wanton!

Zindo Sushi – All you can eat transport line sushi (or for this situation skimming sushi boats) for a set expense. It’s anything but the most genuine sushi I’ve had, yet they kept the salmon sashimi coming.

Poznan Food
Devour Poznan’s Food Scene

Where to stay in Poznan?

We got lucky with this astonishing AirBnB only one square from the town square. On the other hand, you can discover whole homes and apartments in Poznan for $25-50 every evening, and much lower in case you’re simply searching for a private room in somebody’s home.

There are likewise a lot of inns, B&Bs, and inns sheltered inside the Old Town.