Me, not one or the other, until a fast little gorge of Switzerland’s best picturesque train rides dropped me off there in a sweat-soaked, over-energized puddle.

In all honesty, venturing out of the train station, I had been stewing in some low assumptions. A couple of neighbourhood companions of mine had disclosed to me that Chur (articulated Core) wasn’t the most energizing city in Switzerland, more qualified for a fast stop on the way than an appropriate stay. I surmise you could state, an all-encompassing assessment from my “witnesses” was that… truly, Chur is a drag.

… And while I at first concurred with this appraisal, over the following two days, I immediately found that there’s bounty more to this city than meets the eye.

Found just 1.5 hours from Zurich, Chur is known as the most established city in Switzerland. furthermore, a typical beginning stage for perhaps the grandest train rides on the planet: the Bernina Express. Be that as it may, between outsider themed bars, dazzling perspectives and novel wellsprings/sculptures, there’s bounty more to do in Chur than simply bounce on a train and run.

In this way, here are my top tips for cool activities in Chur, alongside certain tips to help you benefit as much as possible from your visit.

chur old town
Never knew about Chur, Switzerland?


There were a couple of things that confounded and disappointed me about Chur, so we should begin by fixing the assumptions and getting a couple of snappy realities straight. Before you head to Chur for yourself, make certain to remember the accompanying…

Chur old town is not care-free

As I flipped through different showcasing materials for Chur on my train ride towards it, I had this fantasy picture in my psyche of an amazingly sentimental vehicle free town, where I could dance and skip around and be unpalatable without getting run over.

Sadly, the regular gloat that Chur’s Old Town is without a vehicle isn’t as sentimental as it sounds.

While parts of the Old Town surely have no vehicles blundering about, it’s hazy where the “New” Town closures and Old Town starts, so there are many a bigger number of vehicles and transports cruising all over than you’d foresee. In the mornings also, as I took a dawn photograph stroll, there were a LOT of vehicles racing through the Old Town to make conveyances and everything to various shops. This isn’t a dealbreaker using any means, however only something to know about on the off chance that you were anticipating that Chur should be vehicle-free as I did.

The Shadows in Chur are Rough-in the Late Afternoon for Photography

To wrap things up, reasonable notice for any of my kindred sharp picture takers, Chur is a truly lovely and photogenic city… ….

… And one that is agonizingly hard to photo!

At the point when I originally showed up at around 3 pm, the lighting was brutal to such an extent that I was unable to get a solitary decent photograph. This (for a photograph fixated travel blogger) was somewhat of an upsetting initial introduction, so I figured I would caution you as well. Try not to stress, however, it was a lot simpler to catch Chur toward the beginning of the day soon after dawn before the sun sufficiently rose to make each one of those cruel shadows.

Activities in Chur, Switzerland

Okay – presently how about we get to the great stuff! Thinking about what there is to do in Chur? Here are a couple of thoughts for you, because of my new excursion!

Best View at Haldenhüttli

You can easily get a postcard type perfect picture at Haldenhüttli, or halfway up it in any case. If you stroll up from the Old Town to Arosastrasse, you’ll be blessed to receive dazzling perspectives on the Chur horizon, with a rich green forefront of grape plantations. This is THE photograph of Chur that rules each traveller pamphlet and Google picture search, so I would state it’s unquestionably an absolute necessity, and perhaps everything thing you can manage in Chur.

Follow the medieval fortifications of chur

Quite possibly the most fascinating things about Chur is its long history, part of which you can (genuinely) hint obviously through the old city dividers and strongholds! Entryways and pinnacles like the Obertor, along with the Malteserturm and the Sennhofturm are a few features and spots to write down on your rundown.