Today, Leipzig is an exuberant, open and multi-faceted city with a bounty of attractions on offer. Having been an exchange community for quite a long time, the shopping openings are incredible, while the show house, exhibition halls and craftsmanship establishments give exercises aplenty to those with a social taste.

St. Thomas Church

The reestablished Gothic St. Thomas Church (Thomaskirche) is one of Leipzig’s top attractions and it has a rich 800-year history, most definitely: here, Martin Luther used to address, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart played the organ in the church, and Richard Wagner was purified through the water. Be that as it may, it is generally famous for being where Johann Sebastian Bach used to fill in as a cantor for a very long time.

The Bach Museum

Another must-see, the Bach Museum, is about the life and works of Johann Sebastian Bach. He spent 27 years as cantor and the city’s music chief formed Leipzig’s melodic life. Guests experience sheet music, records, fine arts, instruments and furniture, just as the occasion to hear some out of Bach’s music in the complimentary sound aides.

Museum in the Round Corner

A museum is a position of caution, remembrance and adapting. It is likewise a much-visited site of political and social talk. The Citizens’ Committee consistently gives solicitations at the “Runde Ecke” to conversations, film nights, addresses and various occasions.

Museum of Fine Arts

Go to the “Museum der bildenden Künste” and appreciate compositions by any semblance of Duerer, Rembrandt and Rubens. Just as different twentieth-century specialists, housed in a pristine modern structure.

Old Town Hall

As one of the most wonderful Renaissance structures in Germany. Leipzig’s old municipal centre is definitely justified even despite a visit. It is present in the available square of the city. Since 1909, offers an incredible shot. As well as an intriguing show about the city’s history from middle age until our ongoing and present day time.

Landmark to the Battle of the Nations

If you have an enthusiasm for history, a visit to the Völkerschlachtdenkmal is an unquestionable requirement. The great landmark, and Germany’s biggest one, was raised in 1913, as a dedication to the 500,000 individuals who battled. Additionally, about 120,000 individuals lost their lives within the Battle of the Nations in 1813.

Market Square

Market Square is present right in the core of the city. It is an extraordinary method to begin your encounter with a glance at the Old Town Hall. You will likewise discover new vegetables, meat, and cheddar. Along with other privately created items during the market time on Tuesdays and Fridays from 9 am to 5 pm.

Opera House

The Opera house or, as it is famous in German, Opernhaus. It is a beautiful scene to proceed to tune in to the drama. The acoustics are incredible while seating is roomy and with brilliant perspectives. It is a genuine threat if you love the show.

Botanical Garden

The Botanical Garden welcomes you to a peaceful and loosening up break in Leipzig. The Butterfly House is one of the most famous attractions here, particularly if you have youngsters.

Belantis Amusement Park

Belantis is an incredible amusement park where the two kids and grown-ups can appreciate eight themed universes and over 60 attractions. The greater part 1,000,000 kids, adolescents and guardians come here consistently which makes Belantis the main fascination in the new government states.


Leipzig is encircled by a few lakes coming about because of previous open-cast lignite mining and now formed into places for different outside exercises. You can go through a day on the seashore, ride a kayak, or go fishing or scuba plunging only 10 km from the downtown area. The nearest lakes are Kulkwitzer, Cospudener, and Markkleeberger.

Riverside woods and parks LEIPZIG, GERMANY

A green lace of woods and parks crosses the city following the waterways Elster, Pleiße, Parthe, and Lupe. From the Cospudener See in the south through the Clara-Zetkin Park, west of the downtown area along the Elsterflutbecken, and toward the northwest, among Leutzsch and Möckern you’ll discover a scene that occasionally causes you to fail to remember you are in a city.

Leipzig Food Courts


Leipzig has consistently been complimented as a hospitable city.  Leipzigers are additionally known for their notorious love of espresso, and the fame of the hot beverage from Arabia among individuals here offered to ascend to the moniker “Kaffeesachse” (“Coffee-Saxon”). Henceforth it does not shock discover that cafés were mainstream meeting places in the city as ahead of schedule as 1695. Zum Arabischen Coffe Baum is the most established enduring café and eatery in Europe to have been consistently inactivity. The café convention is as yet kept up in different verifiable bistros in the city and is likewise being restored in recently settled cafés.

Additionally, the city has a few “bar regions” including the one known as “Drallewatsch”, running from Brühl area along Fleischergasse to the New Town Hall.

Numerous bars ‘around the bend’ have made due all through the city, a large number of which serve great plain food. Also, a considerable lot of the distribution garden zones have their own nursery bars, whose lager gardens are particularly well known in the late spring. Among them is Schrebers Restaurant und Biergarten in the most seasoned distribution zone in Germany.

Numerous bars ‘around the bend’ have made due all through the city, huge numbers of which serve great plain food. Furthermore, a considerable lot of the portion garden territories have their own nursery bars, whose brew gardens are particularly famous in the late spring. Among them is Schrebers Restaurant und Biergarten in the most seasoned portion region in Germany.

The Leipzig outside seating society

Leipzig has made a great name for itself as a city ​​of open-air seating society. This term, which is related to brewing gardens in different urban areas, holds religion status in Leipzig. The majority of the more than 1,400 Leipzig eateries and bistros have outside seating.

The wonder of the outside seating society likewise existed before, yet the improvement got a lift after 1990. Impetuses for this were the metropolitan system of the “walker amicable downtown area” just as the liberal authoritative endorsement for outside seating. Yet additionally auxiliary measures, for example, the redesign of the old exchange reasonable houses and inward patios, just as the expansion of pathways, advanced this turn of events. The high fixation and assortment of areas give Leipzig its remarkable climate. Furthermore, truly, the “trail tables” are the ideal spot to see and be seen.