Iceland joined the Schengen states on March 25, 2001, however, it is an arrangement of 26 states to cancel checks at their normal lines on the development of people and work with the vehicle and development of merchandise at those boundaries.

All people requiring visas, not holding a legitimate Schengen visa in their movement record, should apply for a visa at the appropriate international haven/department before making a trip to the Schengen region. Government offices/offices addressing Iceland handle applications, see here.

Therefore, Visas may be related to work excursions, the travel industry, private reasons (loved ones), official visits, momentary examinations and political, logical, social, sports or strict occasions.

Iceland Entry Restrictions in Response to Coronavirus

Because of the Coronavirus flare-up, Iceland, just as the remainder of the EU and Schengen Area individuals forced an EU-wide passage prohibition on third-country nationals in mid-March 2020.

Iceland entry covid update
Iceland Entry Restrictions in Response to Coronavirus

With the advanced epidemiological circumstance in the EU and abroad, therefore, Iceland has lifted the section boycott for the occupants of Algeria, Australia, Canada, Georgia, Japan, Morocco, New Zealand, Rwanda, South Korea, Thailand, Tunisia and Uruguay.

Also, third-country residents coming to Iceland for work and other fundamental purposes as recorded beneath can enter the domain of Iceland:

  • Travellers in air terminal travel,
  • Wellbeing and care labourers on proficient travel,
  • Transportation groups (aircraft and vessels),
  • People requiring global assurance,
  • People voyaging due to intense family episodes,
  • Negotiators, global association staff, individuals from military venturing out to Iceland for obligation, or helpful guide labourers,
  • Students, if it’s not too much trouble, note that it should be exhibited that the reason for the stay is to take an interest in a coordinated instructive program,
  • People who need to go for occupations that are viewed as monetarily huge and can’t be done later or abroad.

Who need not bother with a Icelandic visa?

Nationals of the accompanying nations are free from the commitment to convey a visa on appearance in Iceland for a stay of as long as 90 days in all inside the Schengen region. The all-out stay inside the Schengen Area should not surpass 90 days at any time of 180 days.

  • The legitimacy of the passport or perceived ID card should be something like three months past the proposed stay, except for residents of EEA/EFTA nations. Those documents just should be substantial past the stay in Iceland.
  • Furthermore, holders of strategic passports, official passports or administration passports gave by Turkey are absolved from the commitment of acquiring a visa. Holders of political passports and administration passports gave by India, Pakistan and South Africa are excluded from the commitment of getting a visa. Conciliatory passports holder of Russia are also free to enter. Holders of conciliatory passports gave by China are excluded.
  • Nationals of the accompanying nations need an Airport travel visa while travelling/going through an air terminal in Iceland: Afghanistan, Bangladesh, The People’s Republic of Congo, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Ghana, Iran, Iraq, Nigeria, Pakistan, Somalia and Sri Lanka. This doesn’t matter notwithstanding if the previously mentioned nationals have a home license in a Schengen country or explicit kinds of grants gave in Great Britain, Ireland, Liechtenstein, Andorra, United States, Canada, Japan, Monaco, San Marino or Switzerland and the licenses are substantial three months longer than proposed travelling/going through an air terminal in Iceland.


  • Perceived exiles and stateless people living in an EU country and holding travel documents gave by that country.
  • Understudies who need a visa to head out to Iceland, yet live in an EU country which applies EU choice 94/795/JHA of November 30, 1994, when on a field trip joined by an instructor from their school.
  • An outsider holding a home license gave by a Schengen state needn’t bother with a visa.
  • Holders of an EU/EEA home card as a relative of an EU/EEA public needn’t bother with a visa when going with the EU/EEA public. If the candidate has an EU home card given by an EU country that isn’t a piece of the Schengen collaboration, he is possibly excluded from visa if he goes with or joins the EU resident for who the home card is given based on. This applies to home cards gave as per Directive 2004/38/EC and home cards gave before the order came into power.
Icelandic visa eligibility
Who need not bother with an Icelandic visa?

Where would I be able to apply for a visa?

You can apply for a visa to make a trip to Iceland in the nations and urban communities in the rundown underneath. As a rule, the international safe havens and departments are approved to give visas without talking with the Directorate of Immigration. In certain cases, the applications are sent to the Directorate, which will then, at that point settle on the conceding of a visa.

Excluding the Embassies in Beijing, London, Moscow, New Delhi and Washington D.C. Icelandic international safe havens and offices don’t give visas.

Large numbers of the government offices/offices beneath use specialist co-ops for getting applications. Applications are then submitted at Visa Application focuses, yet the government is responsible for the visas.

If all necessary documentation is submitted and no further documentation is required, the handling time for a visa is around fourteen days. Additional data is accessible on the site of the particular international haven/office or specialist co-op.

Required documents for Iceland visa

When in doubt, candidates will show up face to face when dwelling on a visa application in the particular government office/consulate or administration office.

The candidate will present the accompanying documentation:

  • Application structure finished and endorsed by the candidate. If it’s not too much trouble, note that download the application and saved money on the PC before rounding them out. If the candidate is a minor, the guardians/legitimate gatekeepers need to sign the structure.
  • A passport size photo (35X45 mm).
  • Travel report. The movement report should be substantial no less than 90 days past the proposed stay. The archive can’t be more than 10 years of age and should have something like two clear pages.
  • Verification of financial help. Either present the candidate’s bank statement or an assurance structure from the reference individual in Iceland “Assurance structure for visits” alongside the reference individual’s bank statement or paystubs.
  • Documentation showing candidates connections to home nation, for example, check from candidate’s boss of work upon return or affirmation from candidate’s school of proceeded with concentrates upon return.


  • Clinical Insurance. The protection inclusion should be 30.000 Euros.
  • Documentation affirming the motivation behind the movement:
  • Letter of invitation from the reference individual (have) in Iceland, if the reason for the outing is a visit to companions or family. Family visits required proof about the family relationship is needed.
  • For a work excursion, affirmation/invitation from an organization in Iceland.
  • For vacationers, hotel booking and visit booking, as appropriate.
  • On the off chance that the expectation is to go to a gathering, of course, affirmation/invitation from the pertinent meeting coordinator/establishment.
  • When dwelling on an application, the candidate will permit the assortment of his fingerprints and pay the visa charge.
How to apply Iceland visa
Who need not bother with an Icelandic visa?

As the European Commission imparts, a far-off public, as per the Icelandic Law while applying for an Icelandic Visa, should verify possessing a measure of means of 4,000 ISK or 28.83€/day to the Icelandic Embassy or Consulate. While the measure of cash needed for every passage to the domain of Iceland is 20,000 ISK or 144.13€.

Additional Iceland Visa Updates

If working:

  • Business contract
  • Current bank statement of the most recent a half year

in the case of self-employment

  • Personal Tax Return (ITR)

On the off chance that independently employed:

  • A duplicate of your permit to operate
  • Organization bank statement of the most recent a half year
  • Personal Tax Return (ITR)

For student:

  • Confirmation of enlistment
  • Leave endorsement letter from school or college

Whenever resigned:

Benefits statement of the most recent a half year


property verification of the most recent a half year

*Note: The marked application structure should go with the remainder of the previously mentioned obligatory documents and gave by and by at the fitting international haven/department or its delegate in your nation of origin.

Old icelandic currency
Old Icelandic currency and New Entry Updates

Extra documents needed for the most regular motivations behind the Iceland Visa Application:

Iceland Tourist/Visitor Visa extra necessities:

  • Invitation letter from your family or companions in Iceland with the location and telephone number – if relevant
  • Bank statement of the most recent a half year
  • Passport duplicates