7 best spots to visit and activities in Malmo?

1- Malmö harbour and manor

In the sixteenth century, Malmö contended with Copenhagen to be Scandinavia’s driving capital. In those days it was a significant port, not a long way from rich fishing grounds. Today, the harbour is as yet occupied and a considerable lot of the old structures remain. Malmöhus, the overwhelming mansion worked by King Christian III when Skåne was still important for Denmark. This is Scandinavia’s most seasoned leftover Renaissance château. It displays the Malmö Museer (Malmö Museums), the Art Museum, and an aquarium. It also includes the Science and Technology/Maritime Museum and the Kommendants Hus (Commander’s House).

2- Stortorget

At the core of the city is Stortorget, perhaps the biggest square in Scandinavia. It was underlying 1546 in authentic Dutch Renaissance style, under the activity of Jörgen Kock, Malmö’s ground-breaking city hall leader at that point. In 1860 it was given a facelift with specialities, sounds, symbolic artistic creations and corridors. Jörgen Kock was likewise liable for the fine Rådhus (City Hall).

3- St Petri Kyrka

Simply off the square toward the upper east is the exquisite St Petri Kyrka, worked in the Baltic Gothic style and dating from the thirteenth century, even though its pinnacles were implicit the fifteenth century and its copper towers in 1890. This rich church building highlights an excellent raised area region made by stone workers in 1611.

How many spots to visit and activities in Malmo?

4- Lilla Torg

An especially unspoiled spot to sit and unwind is Lilla Torg (Little Square), with its cobblestones, painstakingly reestablished houses and sixteenth-century engage. Through a curve on the south side of the square is Hemanska Gården. When a vendor’s home and exchanging yard, it currently houses the Form/Design Center, where the Swedish modern plan and handiworks are shown.

5- Moderna Muséet

Strolling east from Lilla Torg, ensure you don’t miss Malmö’s energizing social centre point, the Moderna Muséet. This previous force station currently contains one of the most thorough twentieth-century workmanship assortments in Scandinavia, and hosts changing shows of nearby and worldwide specialists.

6- Turning Torso

Malmö’s most noteworthy present-day building is without question the Turning Torso, Sweden’s tallest structure at 190 meters (620ft), planned by Spanish modeller Santiago Calatrava. This exceptional structure, which turns 90° from base to top, has rejuvenated the West Harbor zone of the city, presently a well-known summer eating spot.

7- Malmö Festival

Malmö wakes up during August for the Malmö Festival, music, culinary, culture and people celebration joined.

Food Malmo, Sweden

On the off chance that you show up around Christmas, pay special mind to pepparkakor, in a real sense pepper treats, however, seasoned with cinnamon, ginger, molasses and cloves. Generally joined by glögg (pondered wine), which is like the German glühwein.

Locally, Malmö is the time referred to as “Falafelstaden” or Falafel city. This is a result of the numerous merchants selling falafel all through the city yet particularly around Bergsgatan/Möllevångstorget. Falafel in Malmö is similarly a flavorful inexpensive food supper and extremely modest (around 15-30 sek for a wrap). Ask anybody which seller who does the best one and you’ll find a wide range of solutions. The rotisserie chickpea balls are quite often sold in a level bread wrap along with lettuce, tomato, onions, gherkins and different pickles. Picked between hot sauce, yoghurt sauce and garlic sauce(stark, gentle och vitlök) or blend them all up (blended sås). A few merchants sell more specific outlandish sauces like sesame sauce, hummus (chickpea puré) or mango pickle sauce (amba). At falafel sellers you can likewise purchase treats like kebab, shawarma and pan-fried halloumi cheddar, all typically served in a flatbread wrap or with french fries (Pommes Frites) at a (by Swedish norms) low cost.