Cordoba is an extraordinary beginning stage for your outing toward the south of Spain. Particularly if you are coming from somewhere else in Spain with the rapid trains that are accessible.

What we love about Cordoba are the rich social impacts. Cordoba has had over the long run, which you can see today in the design, sights and food.

It is known as the house of three unique societies, Christians, Muslims and Jews all coincided, but they all have varying conditions. We adored such a huge amount about Cordoba, from the Mosque-Cathedral of Cordoba, the excellent plant-filled Patios. You will unearth all over, and the Juderia (Jewish quarter) of Cordoba.

So to help you plan your outing! Here’s our Cordoba Spain travel manager so you can appreciate the best activities in Cordoba, best places to eat, best lodgings and all you require to know before you go to Cordoba Spain. We likewise have a printable Cordoba travel manage toward the finish of this post.

Cardoba Tour, Espana

Activities in Cordoba

The noteworthy focus of Cordoba is loaded up with lovely roads. These places subsequently, truly feel like you have ventured back as expected. The blend of Roman, Christian and Moorish engineering, among others, is not at all like anyplace we have ever seen. In 169 B.C Romans established Cordoba. From 711 Cordoba was under Moorish principle. During this time, Cordoba turned into the universes biggest city with around 1 million inhabitants. In 1236 Cordoba was vanquished by Christians.

Cordoba Mosque-Cathedral and Patios

One of the principal instances of Moorish design in Cordoba is the Mosque-Cathedral of Cordoba, also called the Mezquita.

The red and white curves that overwhelm you as you investigate the Mosque-Cathedral are fantastic. However then to uncover a Cathedral in the focal point of the entirety of this is simply not normal, for anything we have ever seen previously.

The yard at the front of the Mosque-Cathedral is the excellent Patio de los Naranjos (Patio of the oranges), which is loaded with orange trees.

During your visit to the Mosque-Cathedral, make a point to likewise climb the Belltower for astonishing perspectives over Cordoba.

Cardoba Castle

Another inconceivable spot to visit during your excursion is the Alcazar de los Reyes Cristianos. This is a fortification and castle from during Christian Rule. The feature of our visit here was investigating the excellent Moorish-style gardens.

The Puente Romano (Roman Bridge of Cordoba) is an excellent illustration of Roman engineering in Cordoba. It’s ideal to see this bridge from a remote place and stroll over it for the full insight. Toward the finish of the bridge is the Calahorra Tower, which you can go up and has a museum. We didn’t do this as it would have been our third pinnacle in Cordoba, and we were certainly fulfilled.

Cardoba Holidays
Cardoba Holidays and Savings

The Fiesta de los Patios is held every year for a fourteen-day term in May. Consequently, during this time, occupants open their delightful yards to people in general.

On the off chance that you don’t turn out to visit Cordoba in May, we would prescribe going to Palacio de Viana. Here you can see twelve delightful yards loaded up with amazing plants, blossoms and trees.

Center of Cardoba

Investigating the limited paths of the Jewish Quarter (Juderia) of Cordoba is probably the best activity in Cordoba, even though it tends to be somewhat touristy. A few spots to see here incorporate the Cordoba Synagogue, Casa Sefarad (a reestablished house and museum), La Puerta de Almodovar (a unique door into the Jewish Quarter and Historic Center of Cordoba) and Capilla Mudejar de San Bartolome (a little sanctuary).

There are such countless delightful roads in Cordoba to investigate. Maybe the most famous is Calleja de las Flores, loaded up with wonderful blossoms, plants and yards, yet make certain to arrive ahead of schedule to keep away from the groups. Another of our top choices, Calle de Pedro Jimenez, feels like you enter a world that nobody else thinks about. It’s a minuscule road that has a drinking fountain and a little patio toward the end.

You can likewise stroll past the Roman Temple of Cordoba.

There are additionally some fascinating courts you can stroll through in Cordoba, including the Plaza de la Corredera, Plaza de las Tendillas, and one of our top choices, Plaza del Potro where you will discover a wellspring, a Flamenco museum, which is allowed to enter and the Museo de Bellas Artes (Museum of Fine expressions).

Casa de las Cabezas, also called the House of Heads, is a reestablished house that shows what life resembled in the medieval times.

You can likewise visit the new leafy foods market, Mercado Victoria.

Where to eat in Cordoba?

The food in Southern Spain is certainly a portion of our top choice in Spain. From conventional to present day tapas, straightforward dishes loaded with flavour and consistently a feature on utilizing occasional fixings. Some nearby dishes to attempt in Cordoba incorporate the salmorejo, a virus soup produced using tomatoes, bread, garlic and oil which began from Cordoba, flamenquín (ham and pork moved together, crumbed and seared) and Rabo de Toro (flung bull’s tail).

Best food in Cardoba
Best food in Cardoba

Spanish Cooking and Food

If you are searching for a pleasant present-day café experience, Regadera is remarkable and perhaps the best eatery in Cordoba Old Town along the waterway. Light and brilliant space with an open kitchen, the food here is a cutting edge take on exemplary Spanish cooking utilizing new and occasional fixings. The assistance here was truly amicable. We cherished the cushioned and velvety Acorn Iberian ham croquettes with a confit garlic mayonnaise, salmorejo which had heavenly pieces of Iberian pork cheek, bread morsels and ‘seared egg’, just as confit Iberian pork cheeks with light and breezy ‘gnocchi’.

El Paseo Ibérico is a tapas bar with loads of local people, an incredible spot to get a beverage and some neighbourhood cheddar, Jamon Iberico and other restored meats. The proprietor is agreeable and liberal. Albeit this wasn’t our #1 food experience in Cordoba, the food was still acceptable, we made some incredible memories here and it seemed like we were having a real encounter.

An incredible spot for breakfast in Cordoba is La Bicicleta. This decent bistro has astounding newly crushed juices and delightful tostadas, we adored the salmorejo tostada. The assistance here was truly amicable.

In case you’re searching for customary pastries to attempt, we delighted in the Pastel Cordobés (otherwise called manolete), a cake loaded up with Cabello de Angel (produced using pumpkin however the final product tastes more like an apple). You can discover these at bread shops in Cordoba.

Different spots to eat in Cordoba that looked incredible however we didn’t get time to attempt incorporate La Tinaja, Garum 2.1, Jugo Wine Bar and Shop, Casa Pepe de la Juderia and the Michelin featured Noor Restaurant.

The Best Cordoba Hotels, Spain

Here are our picks for the best Cordoba Hotels…

Balcón de Cordoba – A wonderful 4-star shop inn found advances from the Mosque-Cathedral of Cordoba. Here there is a roof patio with shocking perspectives over Cordoba.

Inn Hospes Palacio del Bailío – Stunning 5-star lodging in a sixteenth-century royal residence. Situated around 10 – 15 minutes stroll from the Mosque-Cathedral.

Las Casas de la Judería de Cordoba – Charming store lodging with a customary plan set inside 5 respectable houses. Situated in the Jewish Quarter of Cordoba, near the Alcazar and Mosque-Cathedral.

H10 Palacio Colomera – 4-star shop inn situated inside Casa Colomera, a castle worked in 1928 in Plaza de las Tendillas. Additionally has a housetop porch.

There are additionally some extraordinary alternatives for Airbnb in Cordoba Spain.

Cordoba Travel Essentials


How to get to Cordoba? You can arrive at Cordoba various ways relying upon where you start your excursion.

On the off chance that you are beginning your excursion inside Spain, you can without much of a stretch arrive at Cordoba from Madrid (2 hours) and even Barcelona (4 hours 45 minutes) with the fast trains. On the off chance that you are now in Southern Spain, you can arrive at Cordoba inside 45 minutes on a train from Seville, 1 hour 30 minutes from Granada and a 1-hour train from Malaga.

For trips to Cordoba Spain, the closest air terminals to Cordoba are Seville Airport, Malaga Airport, Jerez Airport and Madrid Airport. Flying into Barcelona Airport is additionally extraordinary if you need to encounter Barcelona first, at that point advance toward Cordoba.

The least demanding approach to arrive at Cordoba is through rapid trains, which we unquestionably suggest booking ahead of time for the least expensive admission. We use Trainline for the vast majority of our train appointments in Europe. Be that as it may, contingent upon where you are coming from, there are likewise many transport administrations. ALSA transport is a decent one to turn upward. You can likewise enlist a vehicle to investigate Andalucia. We will go into every choice on the most proficient method to get to Cordoba in detail, from various areas in our impending ‘How To Get To Cordoba Spain’ section.

Instructions to Get Around Cordoba

You can undoubtedly get around Cordoba by strolling. Cordoba isn’t too huge and is a wonderful city to stroll around. We didn’t have to utilize public vehicle whenever in Cordoba, however relying upon where you are remaining you may have to get a taxi from the train station to your convenience.

When to go to Cordoba Spain?

So when is the ideal opportunity to visit Cordoba? Cordoba can get truly warm in summer, so if you can, abstain from visiting in July and August. The shoulder periods of Spring and Autumn will give you the best climate in Cordoba, including March, April, May, September, October and November. We were there toward the start of April and cherished the climate and what we assume would be fewer groups. We had cold mornings and nights, and warm days. On the off chance that you need to visit in Summer, at that point June would be your smartest choice as it is the most un-sweltering of the mid-year months.

Cardoba Castle
Cardoba Castle – Spain

Something to remember when picking your dates to visit Cordoba is the numerous celebrations and occasions. You may either decide to visit for these celebrations, in which case we would suggest booking ahead of time and be set up to pay more, or you might need to stay away from these seasons. In Cordoba, May, specifically, has a ton of celebrations, including the excellent Fiesta de los Patios. There is likewise Holy Week or Semana Santa during Easter.

So as we would see it, the best an ideal opportunity to visit Cordoba is in March, April, May, June, September, October or November.