Standing right now as the UK’s fourth-biggest city after London, Birmingham and Leeds, this Scottish city is popular for its Victorian architecture, present-day craftsmanship and magnificent shopping… among numerous different attractions.

While, in general, Glasgow may not be pretty much as outwardly satisfying as its adjoining city of Edinburgh, the city unquestionably developed on me with every hour that passed. Local people are amicable, the beverages are modest, the famous University is just about as staggering as individuals say, AND there’s a great deal of yummy food to eat upon.

Glasgow has been cast a ballot ‘the most amiable city on the planet’ and it’s easy to perceive any reason why. It’s additionally Scotland’s biggest city and the fifth most visited city in the UK!

Where is Glasgow? How would you get to Glasgow?

Glasgow is on the River Clyde in Scotland’s West Central Lowlands.

Glasgow air terminal (GLA) is a global air terminal with departures from everywhere the world coming inconsistently. On the other hand, you could drive there, or get transport or train. Edinburgh is just an hour away if it’s more helpful to get to Glasgow through there!

Get in Glasgow
Where is Glasgow? How would you get to Glasgow?

How could you get around Glasgow?

For getting around in Glasgow…

  • Investigate what you can by walking! It’s a delightful city.
  • Trains are modest and it’s normally less expensive to purchase a return than simply a solitary!
  • The metro is stunning! Modest, basic and quick! USE IT!
  • Glasgow obliges for a great deal of cycling so think about leasing a bicycle and investigating the channels.
  • Taxi costs are SO sensible, nothing similar to that in London where you’ll forfeit an exorbitant price to return home.

What are the best 12 activities in Glasgow?

best activities in Glasgow
What are the best 12 activities in Glasgow?

1. Appreciate Glasgow’s astounding architecture and perspectives.

Move to the top of The Lighthouse (for nothing) to appreciate sees over the city. Whenever you’ve burned some calories and chilled at the top, modeller darlings can appreciate the exhibition hall in transit down.

For more flawless architecture there’s Glasgow Cathedral and the University as well!

2. University of Glasgow

I was sufficiently lucky to have a companion go about as a local escort — my companion Emma, a University of Glasgow alumna and effectively one of the fieriest Scottish young ladies I know offered to show me around her city.

The University of Glasgow is perhaps the best spot in the city to appreciate customary Scottish architecture. Emma showed me the most popular parts, similar to the Cloisters. The Cloisters were excellent — and yet, frequenting.

Within was just about as excellent as the outside. Immediately, I felt like I was energetic away from Hogwarts. Many individuals like to guarantee that J.K. Rowling was propelled by the University of Glasgow when composing Harry Potter. She’s rarely said as much — however on the off chance that she was, I could see it.

Concerning what the students like to do when they’re not contemplating?

3. Ashton Lane

Ashton Lane, not far off from the University, is perhaps the most renowned road around. Like Glasgow all in all, it was once seen as no-man’s-land, thinking back to the 70s, yet today is loaded up with bunches of cool bistros, bars, and eateries, alongside a little cinema.

4. Investigate the West End!

Beside the University, you have dazzling Botanical Gardens to investigate…

At whatever point you visit Scotland, plan for cloudy skies and downpour no less than a couple of times for the day. It being November, I didn’t anticipate a lot. However, following a couple of long stretches of sprinkle, the sky cleared, with perfect timing to uncover an ideal rainbow!

However beautiful as the nurseries seem to be, November isn’t an ideal chance to see the blossoms in sprout. In any case, what truly was uncommon were the glasshouses — nurseries that appeared as though they were straight out of Victorian time.

If it’s an especially cold day in Glasgow, I prescribe you to head here to heat up. The glasshouses are free and destined to be hot and moist all year!

Ensure you get an emoticon doughnut from Nic’s NYC Deli, Byres Rd! They have Reece’s PB ones as well!

5. Haute Homemade Booze from a Jar

Right external the Botanic Gardens is Demijohn, a shop that the proprietors have dedicated a “fluid shop.” They have handmade whiskies, alcohols, and vinegar, all put away in huge glass containers. You pick a jug and they fill it for you. It’s an ideal spot for blessings — nothing says sentiment like a goliath heart-formed container of natural rhubarb vodka!

After examining a couple of their best products, I purchased a little jug of gin injected with Sevilla oranges. (I truly need to air out that at some point.)

tart the day with a stroll in the recreation centre to the stupendous red sandstone building lodging Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum (free section). Part workmanship gallery, part history exhibition hall, there are 33 unique displays and a varied blend of assortments with a goliath elephant close to a World War II Spitfire just as dinosaur eggs, Egyptian relics and a Salvador Dali painting. With beyond what 8000 displays you can dunk in and out, and visit the bistro if you need a break.

7. Riverside Museum

Head down to the waterway to the striking, Zaha Hadid-planned Riverside Museum (free section). Opened in 2011, the ‘Glasgow Guggenheim’ has 3000 vehicle and travel-related shows, from steam trains to skateboards. In case you’re a vehicle or train fan you’ll be in paradise, however, even not there are different things to see like a reproduced road returning you to 1890s Glasgow.

Tiver side in Glasgow
Riverside Museum in Glasgow, Scotland

8. Glenlee

Right external the gallery, you can take a visit through the Glenlee, a reestablished tall boat that is one of just five cruising ships based on the Clyde still above water. Glasgow’s River Clyde was the focal point of an immensely incredible shipbuilding industry until WWII when the region went into decay. From that point forward it’s been redeveloped and as you stroll along the riverside you’ll see current structures like the Clyde Auditorium (otherwise known as the Armadillo) and the titanium-clad Glasgow Science Center.

9. Finnieston Crane

There’s as yet a brief look at the stream’s previous lifestyle at the Finnieston Crane, a 175-foot crane used to stack weighty trains onto ships. Assuming you time your stroll to match with dusk, the crane and bending Clyde Arc (otherwise known as the Squinty Bridge) make an extraordinary outline. Finish the day with supper at The Finnieston, a fish eatery with yet more gin – 60 distinct assortments this time.

10.Glasgow Central Station

The following morning I went to Glasgow Central Station to join the 10 am building visit (£13 per individual, least age 12 and you need to book visits ahead of time on the web). The visit uncovers a portion of the station building’s secret mysteries, taking you directly from the highest point of its glass rooftop to a failed to remember Victorian town covered underground.

Among how you’ll see rooms utilized as a WWI funeral home, an old evaporator house that was the site of a 1930s murder and a unique Victorian stage. From the station, it’s anything several minutes’ stroll to the Lighthouse. This structure was one of Art Nouveau creator Charles Rennie Mackintosh’s first payments and was initially the Glasgow Herald paper offices. Now it’s a middle for plan and architecture, with a free exhibition on Mackintosh’s work. Remember to head up the winding steps of the old water tower for an extraordinary view across Glasgow downtown area

11. Glasgow School of Art

To discover a smidgen more about Charles Rennie Mackintosh, head to the Glasgow School of Art to join their 45-minute Mackintosh at the GSA visit (£7 for grown-ups, £5.75 for students/over 60s or £3.50 for under 18s – kindly note these are at present suspended after the second fire in 2018). Mackintosh had solid connections to the school – he got going as an understudy there, thinking back to the 1880s and wound up winning an architecture contest to plan another structure for them.

The visits are driven by current or previous students and take you around the outside of the Mackintosh building, however, you can’t go inside right now as the interiors are as of now being reestablished after a significant fire in 2014. You will see a portion of Mackintosh’s furnishings however just as getting heaps of knowledge into his life and his relationship with Glasgow.

12. The Willow Tea Rooms

The Willow Tea Rooms on Sauchiehall Street, which has been reestablished to their unique Art Nouveau magnificence. Browse evening tea with sandwiches and scones, or something a touch more Scottish like Cullen Skink (smoked haddock and potato soup) or Scottish Rarebit. Not a pan-fried Mars bar in sight!

Sports city Glasgow
Is Glasgow Sports City in Scotland?


My number one thing about Scotland is that individuals are so agreeable, and Glasgow has a lot of cordial people (besides one startling person who shouted at me in the city). Each time we bounced into a taxi, we quickly got into an epic discussion with our driver. It seems like it would be inconceivable not to make companions in Glasgow.

My general decision? What an extraordinary city! I’m so happy I visited, and I’d love to return soon. In case you’re investing energy in Scotland, you should allow Glasgow another glance.