Fribourg has in every case just been the “following city after Lausanne” at whatever point we board the train for our Swiss ventures. I don’t know why we never discovered future time here and investigate it all along. However, fortunately, we were welcomed by Fribourg Tourism to go through a day there. That was the point we found this shrouded pearl of a city that is only 30 minutes from us!

Since I need to guarantee you have THE BEST time in Fribourg, I have arranged a schedule for you to follow on a road trip. It also included the sights and things you should do while you are there.


The initial two names are right, the first being the spelling for the city in French and the last in German. Indeed, Fribourg (which means free palace) is one of Switzerland‘s couple of bilingual cantons: two-third of the populace is French-talking and the rest German-talking. It is extraordinary because here we observably saw that there were both German AND French billboards for what it’s worth!

Observe not to get stirred up with its German neighbour with a similar name, Freiburg. That is another college and previous mining town in Saxony, Germany!


Get Your Morning Caffeine Fix at The Bike Café

Getting going our day directly with a cuppa from the Bike Café! This charming versatile set-up is strategically placed before Rue de Lausanne. The stretches paving the way to local people ranchers’ market. The menu is object free, with 4 normal decisions (We decided on the Café latte). Bring your cup for a rebate!

Explore the local farmers’ market

Residue your reusable sacks off, tie those facemasks on and experience into the universe of market commotion at the neighbourhood ranchers’ market, held each Wednesdays and Saturdays. This clamouring market is a natural and zero-squander sweetheart’s fantasy, offering the best occasional produce and storeroom staples. It’s a lot greater than the ranchers’ market in Lausanne. We discovered different occasional leafy foods, natural items, dairy items, meat, and pastry shop.

Likewise, make certain to compensate those ravenous paunches by attempting a portion of the district’s strengths. It includes Cuchaule bread, Benichon mustard, smoked ham and Gruyère cheddar. The Benichon mustard was too exceptional. It resembles a jam spread over the Cuchaule bread: I’d never taken a stab at something very like that!

Move to the top of ST. Nicholas Cathedral

This gothic pearl of a house of God lies directly in the core of Fribourg, in the old, lower part of the City. This is without a doubt Fribourg’s most notorious milestone.

Established in the thirteenth century, its inside is loaded with history, magnificence and mind-boggling engineering and craftsmanship. The principle entryway is decorated with a prevalent alleviation portraying the Last Judgment, which merits a little delay before entering.

Once inside, the house of God looks heavenly. It is covered with an excellent arrangement of stained glass windows that glimmers mysteriously in the daylight. Polish painter Jozef Mehoffe made them, somewhere in the range of 1896 and 1936.

With a little expense of 3.50CHF, you can ascend the 365 stages of the Cathedral’s pinnacle. I’d climbed such countless steps up various basilicas… and yes it’s a debilitating undertaking. In any case, once at the top, you’d generally get a simply reward: with a fantastic view over the city!

Lunch at Vietnam House

If you are looking for bona fide Vietnamese food, at that point head to the Vietnam House. We were desiring for Asian food (what’s going on, haha!) and haphazardly risked upon this café at Rue Saint-Michel. The entire spot is little however simple, and was at that point swarmed by mid-early afternoon: A definite indication of a nearby shrouded pearl!

We requested the end of the week’s uncommon. Should attempt: This enormous, hot bowl of conventional Vietnamese Pho with blended pork and meat, the stock was so flavourful! Vince got close by an enormous crèpe with crunchy vegetables and sweet sauce. Bits were super filling for two, which was incredible.

Respect the various historic bridges

Paunches filled and fulfilled, we strolled off those calories and headed towards the city bridges.

Given Fribourg’s topography as a rough landmass set inside the curve of the River Sarine, this made the development of bridges fundamental for transportation during the former times. There are a challenging 17 bridges altogether inside Fribourg, we didn’t have the opportunity to see every one of them so we just visited 2 of the more notable ones.

fribourg historic bridges
Fribourg historic bridges, Switzerland

Bern Bridge

Inherent 1250, a century after the foundation of the city, the Bern bridge is the last-enduring shrouded wooden bridge in Fribourg and one of the most established in Switzerland. Set straight inside the Basse–Ville (Old Town) this is the must-see bridge on the off chance that you need an exemplary old town experience.

The Bern bridge is likewise the best survey point for wondering the Zaehringen Bridge simply downstream. From here, you can likewise stroll on foot to visit the cutting edge Poya Bridge, only 15 minutes away.

The Bern bridge has just a single path and is thin, so cross with an alert when there are passing vehicles.


Zaehringen Bridge

The Zaehringen bridge was inherent in 1924, to supplant the Grand engineered overpass. It was at one point in history the longest engineered overpass on the planet! It is a vehicle-free bridge, to shield Fribourg’s notable place from harm brought about by inordinate clog.

Walking around the Zaehringen Bridge, we appreciated a superb superior perspective on the beautiful Auge area, and we could see the enchanting Bern bridge, the back streets, the concealed nurseries and the middle-age city towers.

Submerge in the best views at the Le Belvédère

We spotted so numerous natural peering bistros inside Fribourg, yet the proprietor at Vietnam House explicitly prescribed us to head this one bistro at Le Belvédere. Also, presently we know why so!

We were agreeably awestruck by the experience of sitting external the dazzling porch, tasting on super cold lager while absorbing the 5-star perspectives on the Sarine River and the Old Town! This bistro certainly has the best view of Fribourg, so I suggest you come here for your evening break.

Investigate art at the Espace Jean Tinguely – Niki De Saint Phalle

This museum highlights dynamic masterpieces by Fribourg’s nearby craftsman: Jean Tinguely and the brilliant, non-conventionalist establishments of his similarly celebrated spouse, Niki de Saint Phalle.

The exhibition isn’t enormous; however, it is perky and interesting, pretty much the correct size to save your consideration for 60 minutes. So you won’t have to commit a whole evening to investigate the entire space.

Once inside the museum, Tinguely’s work of art Retable de l’abondance Occidentale et du Mercantilisme totalitaire (Altar of Western wealth and extremist industrialism) possesses the focal point of the audience. It looks bizarre: Like a festival smelled comprised of stuffed toys, bike parts and other bric-a-brac you’d normally find jumbling up lofts and carports. Strangely, the model fills in as an investigation on the way of life of lavishness and mass-industrialism in western culture.

Upon the subsequent level, there are likewise extraordinary works by different specialists, with pop workmanship and graffiti-like divider reliefs.

Reveal the history of the press at the Gutenberg Museum

The Gutenberg Museum is named after Johannes Gutenberg. He changed the universe of printing with his creation of the mechanical portable sort print machine in 1450. Housed in a reestablished silo going back to 1527, the museum features the historical backdrop of the printing industry: From the conventional use of paper look over, the creation of letters, the initially bound books, the production of typewriters, to the advanced print machines of today.

Gutenberg Museum
Reveal the history of the press at the Gutenberg Museum

Sadly the showcase data were primarily in French and German, and I was unable to comprehend them all. Be that as it may, just by taking a gander at the monstrous printing machines from the nineteenth century alone, one can’t resist the urge to wonder exactly how far printing innovation has come!

Ride the little train of Fribourg for a final city tour!

Legs sore and depleted from all the strolling, we chose to take a last visit around the city with the Little Train of Fribourg!

It may appear to be a kiddy ride, however, it was entirely a good time for grown-ups, as we chugged through gradually the restricted roads and paths of the Old Town and respected the excellent Cathedral and the city bridges once and for all. There’s likewise a sound manual fortune in and follow while passing by noteworthy or beautiful tourist spots. While investigating by foot is the most ideal approach to encounter Fribourg, I figure this could be an extraordinary choice for those with kids, or in case you’re searching for an additionally loosening up approach to find the city.

I am sure you appreciated the recap on my road trip to Fribourg!

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