Although! Lugano is full of adventure and sights but here we focused on top 5 locations based on our survey.

Lake Lugano

Of the multitude of activities in Lugano, Lake Lugano is a positive feature and at almost 50 square kilometres it can match close by lakes Como and Maggiore. Indeed 37% of the lake is in Italy, and 63% in Switzerland. We went for a walk through this wonderful lakefront. I adored the shade of the water here, it is this delightful emerald green/turquoise completely clear water. A fascinating reality about this is that the emerald-green sub-high lake was made by icy masses during the last Ice Age, and arrives at the bewildering profundity of 279 meters!

The Piazza Della Riforma

The Piazza Della Riforma Locarno’s Piazza Grande part of Ticino’s most excellent square. It is famous as the city’s exquisite “family room” encompassed with old structures. It is the downtown area of Lugano with heaps of remain solitary extravagance stores, cafés and bistros. We walked around these roads and halted by a bistro to snatch some lunch. Nassa bistro was a charming little bistro arranged amidst the town and we attempted probably the best Risotto and Lasagne I have had in the longest time. It was acceptable to such an extent that we had our lunch the following day in a similar bistro too.

Lugano History
Famous 5 Lugano sights and experiences

Santa Clause Maria Degli Angioli

The aloof church of Santa Maria Degli Angioli isn’t Lugano’s oldest church. However, it is generally well known. Implicit 1510 by the Franciscans, it is enhanced by the best Renaissance frescoes in the Ticino. The congregation contains Bernardino Luini’s glowing adaptation of Christ’s Passion, frescoed in 1529, therefore, it covers the tall parcel separating the ensemble and nave.

Monte Bre

We at that point proceeded with our agenda and were ready to investigate the delightful Monte Brè. The culmination of Monte Brè (933 meters) is available by the funicular rail route leaving from Lugano-Cassarate. We took the funicular up and become surprised by the amazing perspectives. At the top, there are two cafés at the highest point of Monte Bre, similarly each with a sun porch that invites you to astounding perspectives on the encompassing region. We stayed here with our lagers and delighted in the wonderful panoramic perspectives on the Alps. Likewise discretionary you can go visit the little town of Brè. We had 24 hours so we truly would not have any desire to pass up a major opportunity in the little town of Gandria.


In the wake of investing some energy at Mont Brè, the time had come to look at the pristine pleasant lakeside town at the foot of Monte Brè. Therefore, my main thing was taking a boat from Lugano to Gandria. It is a particularly excellent boat ride with stunning perspectives on the little towns encompassing lake Lugano. It took us around 10 minutes to arrive at Gandria which sits roosted on the edge of Lake Lugano.

A Journey to the past

After arriving at the Gandria, as expected we shipped back in time. The little rear entryways ventured roads and drowsy houses all take you back as expected. Surprisingly, these back streets genuinely figured out how to clutch its legitimate old-world appeal. No big surprise it is one of Ticino’s most excellent lakeside towns. The structures, firmly adjusted, can be reached utilizing flights of stairs and rear entryways. A portion of the houses go back to the sixteenth and seventeenth hundreds of years and are adorned with frescoes and plaster designs. Gandria isn’t a long way from the Switzerland – Italy line; it nearly felt like we were in Italy. I came to know that this town remained unchanged over the last 100 years.

However, I love the way the entire town is a vehicle-free zone. The lone conceivable way you can drive here is by strolling and which we dint mind. You could capriciously be strolling and losing all sense of direction in these back streets without understanding the time. Folks you need to visit this spot on the off chance that you are in Lugano! Moreover, it’s a quiet place that seems at the far end of the world.