Do you have confidence in mythical beings and otherworldly individuals? My girl certainly still does. In this way, when we found out about the Elf Garden in Hafnarfjörður Iceland, obviously, we needed to visit. Hafnarfjordur Iceland is a fishing town situated close to Reyjkavik. It has a beguiling harbour and Elf Garden Iceland in Hellisgerdi Park evidently populated with Hudufolk (the shrouded individuals of Iceland). We persuaded our children to visit because Hafnarfjörður is likewise the site of a Viking. Do you have faith in mythical beings and supernatural individuals? My girl certainly still does.

When we found out about the Elf Garden in Hafnarfjörður Iceland, obviously, we needed to visit. Going to Iceland with kids includes many outside activities, for example, climbing, geothermal washing and horseback riding. Likewise significant for dynamic children. There are just a modest bunch of smallish museums to intrude on all that outdoorsy fun.

Hafnarfjörður Iceland Preview

Hafnarfjordur is a short brief drive from Reykjavik. The capital of Iceland, heading back towards the worldwide air terminal at Keflavik and the popular Blue Lagoon. To be honest, it is difficult to tell where Reyjkavik completions and Hafnarfjordur begins.

Hafnarfjörður has been a significant port since the fourteenth century on account of its detached harbour. The town was (and is) a significant fishing community in Iceland.

Need to invest more energy in Hafnarfjordur? Elf Garden Iceland is a day movement yet the Viking Village is truly for supper. If you have time in the middle of these activities, why not attempt a take of this Icelandic folklore and shrouded people walk. My children totally revered Icelandic ponies and horseback riding was perhaps the best thing we did in Iceland with kids.

Best Time to Visit Hafnarfjordur?

While Iceland experiences no difficulty giving explorers motivation to visit lasting through the year, the seasons change colossally, because of how north the nation sits. Iceland’s geological position influences the climate, yet additionally the long stretches of sunlight you can hope to have. These, close by the best occasions, to see the Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights, are critical components in choosing when to go to Iceland.

Hafnarfjordur Iceland
Exploring a Viking Village and an Elf Garden In Hafnarfjordur Iceland

Seasons in Hafnarfjordur, Iceland

Coincidentally the climate in Iceland is famously capricious. In summer there’s a reasonable possibility of splendid and bright days, and temperatures can arrive at 17°C, the however great climate in Iceland is regularly scattered with wet and dim spells when the temperature can plunge to a nippy 10°C. Winter climate in Iceland is a cold and dull undertaking with temperatures fluctuating at 7–8°C either side of the edge of freezing over and light is restricted to a couple of hours.

In Reykjavík, dawn isn’t until right around 11 am in December; the sun is as of now sinking gradually back towards the skyline after 1 pm. Albeit practically all of Iceland lies south of the Arctic Circle and along these lines doesn’t encounter a genuine Midnight Sun, evenings are light from mid-May to early August the nation over; in the north, the sun never completely sets during June. During September and January, the Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights can regularly be seen all through the country.

Best opportunity to visit Iceland: occasions and celebrations

Something else to consider when arranging your excursion to Iceland is the public occasions that happen consistently. Even though Iceland’s schedule is basically Christian, numerous authority occasions and celebrations have a common subject and at any rate one dates from agnostic occasions. Some areas of now natural: Christmas, Easter Monday, and New Year are large occasions in Iceland.