Have you at any point considered an end of the week excursion to the second biggest city in Austria? The vast majority know Graz as a youthful, hip University town. Yet, Graz is far beyond that! The capital of the Styria Territory has a truly beguiling, labyrinth-like Old Town and quite possibly the most photogenic tourist spot of Graz is the Clock Tower.

We feel like Graz offers its very own extraordinary environment, diverse to that of Vienna and Salzburg, hence, we can energetically prescribe an excursion to Graz. In this blog article, we will show you the most excellent sights and our features in Graz.

Investigating Graz: What’s in store

Graz is neither as majestically great as Vienna nor as photogenic as Salzburg. However, that doesn’t make any difference, since Graz has its charms. The capital of the Styrian Region is a youthful, metropolitan understudy city with a wide scope of art and culture. Numerous years prior, Graz was before the European Capital of Culture and luckily the standing of being a ‘Social City’ lives on.

Investigate Graz City
Investigating Graz: What’s in store

Graz is particularly excellent during spring and summer. This is the point at which the city radiates a warm Mediterranean pizazz. You’re presumably considering how long you should plan to remain and investigate Graz? Albeit the Old Town of Graz is moderately simple to get around and immediately investigated, you can easily fill an end of the week for certain extraordinary exercises. If you don’t have a lot of time, you can likewise see the main sights in a single day.

Top Activities and Find in Graz

Happy News: the main sights in Graz are all inside strolling distance, so you can leave your vehicle in the inn carport during a city outing to Graz. One special case: for more far off objections, for example, to the Schloss Eggenberg (Palace), then, at that point maybe a vehicle would prove to be useful. Else, you can likewise arrive at these objections effectively by cable car.

1. Hauptplatz (Primary Square) and Herrengasse

You are ideal to start your visit through Graz in the heart of the city: the Hauptplatz (or Primary Square), which is situated in the Old Town. Because the measure of cable car traffic and wealth of food slows down, this spot doesn’t feature its excellence to the fullest potential. By and by, the fundamental square of Graz is worth seeing.

The most attractive and wonderful structure on the Primary Square is the Rathaus (City centre), where we let our eyes respect the noteworthy structure. Be that as it may, the other Rococo style and Biedermeier houses on the Primary Square are additionally similarly lovely to take a gander at. The troupe of structures here looks agreeable and fits truly well together.

From the Hauptplatz (Fundamental Square) you can stroll along the Herrengasse, which is the primary shopping road in the focal point of Graz. There are some delightful structures situated along this promenade. After a short walk, you will come to the supposed “Gemaltes Haus” (additionally called Herzogshof, or Painted House in English), which is known for its painted front. Another structure worth seeing in Herrengasse is the Slow eater Landhaus: The inward patio of this Renaissance building is extremely amazing.

2. Schlossberg and Clock Tower

Informal Principle: You just can’t leave Graz without strolling around the Schlossberg and up to its Clock Tower. The Clock tower is noticeably the milestone of Graz, as it overshadows the city and is apparent from numerous sides of Graz.

From the Old Town, you can without much of a stretch arrive at the Check Pinnacle in around 15 minutes. You have two choices: You may use the stairwell from the Felsensteig (260 stages), which starts on the Schlossbergplatz. Or on the other hand, you can walk around the few climbing trails in the recreation centre. For those who’d prefer to skirt the activity, there is the Schlossbergbahn (a funicular) or the glass Schlossberglift, which goes through the centre of the mountain.

We consistently decide to walk the trail and we never think twice about it, because the short difficult ascension rewards you with magnificent all encompassing perspectives over Graz. Nightfall is likely the most delightful future time up here as the sun sets entirely behind the city.

New Tip: As of February 2019, the Schlossberg is currently formally home to the most noteworthy indoor slide on the planet. Altogether, the slide keeps going around 40 seconds and you can just arrive at the start point utilizing the Schlossberglift (joined ticket 5 Euro). We will surely remember this for our next outing to Graz.

Graz Top Activities
Top Activities and Find in Graz

3. Murinsel

An island in the stream? Believe it or not: The purported Murinsel was fabricated when Graz was the Social Capital quite a long while back. The shell-formed stage “coasts” on the Mur stream and houses a little bistro. The Murinsel is available from the two sides of the Mur waterway using a stage, which can likewise be utilized as a bridge to cross to the opposite side.

Albeit the Murinsel isn’t probably the best feature of Graz, it merits coming here and seeing this strange structure with your own eyes. Great to know: the island turns out to be sufficiently bright around evening time.

4. Kunsthaus Graz (Art Museum)

The most modern structure in Graz is unmistakably the Kunsthaus. It’s anything but an advanced milestone of the city and takes after that of a spaceship to us. The draftsman had the goal that the state of the Kunsthaus ought to intentionally stand apart from the red rooftop cityscape of Graz. Most likely, he has succeeded.

The Graz Kunsthaus has numerous global exhibitions. Since there are no perpetual exhibitions, it truly relies upon what sort of presentation they are facilitating at that point and your very own taste, concerning whether a visit to the Kunsthaus is advantageous.

5. Lendplatz and Ranchers Market

The Lendplatz isn’t a spot most travellers will visit, yet is somewhat mainstream among local people and thought about a mysterious tip. There is a rancher’s market here consistently except for Sundays, from around 6 am in the first part of the day. There are numerous nearby and provincial luxuries available to be purchased at the slows down.

Our tip: Lendplatz has various lasting diners, including “Pass on Süße Luise”. This little bistro is a pleasant spot for breakfast during the hotter months.

6. Schloss Eggenberg

Right external the middle, toward the west of Graz, is the main Ornate Palace in Styria: Schloss Eggenberg – which traces back to the seventeenth century. A fascinating reality about the historical backdrop of the structure: The palace structure was planned with a lot of imagery. For instance, the palace has precisely 365 outside windows, which relates to 365 days per year.

Schloss Eggenberg is situated in an enormous park that draws in travellers as well as utilized by local people for long strolls. It most likely will not take well before you run over one of the recreation centre’s cordial peacocks.

The Prunkräume (State Rooms) must be visited as part of a directed visit. We were there in February, however, the rooms were tragically shut for the colder time of year break. In any case, we feel that a visit to Schloss Eggenberg is advantageous, with or without an aide.

Graz attractions Overview
7 Top Activities and Find in Graz

7. Our number one Cafés and Cafes in Graz

Ducks Coffee Shop

This Bistro is quite possibly the most fashionable person cafe in Graz and is certainly worth a visit. We came here for breakfast and discovered the determination sensible. The food was heavenly and the coffee – magnificent.

The upholstery is entirely agreeable and during the hotter months, you can drink your coffee outside in the Schanigarten (open-air porch).

Freiblick Tagescafé

The Freiblick Tagescafé is presumably the best spot for an Aperitivo with a view. It is situated on the last floor of the notable Kastner and Öhler Department Store. By and by, we didn’t track down the inside climate very extraordinary, yet the external patio is incredible.


“Trink Besseren Kaffee” is the motto – which means “Drink Better Coffee” in English. Nothing more needs to be said. The coffee here truly tastes stunning. Tribeka has an aggregate of four branches, all situated in Graz. It’s the ideal spot for a speedy coffee break, and you can even get yourself a piece of cake or a Pastel de Nata.


At the point when we requested tips on Instagram, there could have been no other bar prescribed to us more than the Freigeist – so obviously we needed to stop by. Furthermore, we were unquestionably not baffled. Without a doubt the best burger we’ve had in seemingly forever. Despite just a single vegan choice, it was delightful.

The Freigeist is incredibly famous and hence can be very full. We came during the week without a booking and figured out how to simply get a seat at the bar.

Culture in Graz
Splendid Atmosphere and Culture in Graz City

Tips for additional cafes and cafés in Graz

The determination of cafes and eateries in Graz is immense and shockingly we were unable to visit every one of the spots we had on our rundown. Notwithstanding, we might in any case want to impart to you a few hints we got through Instagram. Possibly you’ll discover a portion of these bistro or café ideas, appropriate for you:

Blended: Hip café with a parlor like environment that offers an exceptionally applauded informal breakfast in the ends of the week.

Der Steirer: Present day, Styrian food; extraordinary lunch menus during the week

Ginko Nursery: Veggie lover cafe with bowls, smoothies and all that you would expect at a fashionable person cafe.

Kunsthaus café: We went for a speedy beverage in the evening here and appreciated it without a doubt. Obviously, the morning meal is additionally acceptable.

Hotel Tips for Graz City

On our latest excursion to Graz we remained at the Fabulous Hôtel Wiesler, which we can energetically suggest. The Lodging Wiesler is one of the coolest shop hotels in Graz – The feel is youthful and classy, however not very overdone, the area of the inn could scarcely be more focal.

The whole inn is outfitted with incredible tender loving care and got its motivation from various styles. For instance: The sinks in the rooms were obtained from Mexico. Concerning the rooms, the overall subject will in general be very idealist and moderate. For a few, the climate might be excessively sterile, yet the beds are really agreeable and that is the main thing.

The excellent unattached bath and city see are certainly the highlight