Rethymnon or Rethimno is a well-known excursion objective on the island of Crete, Greece. Some decide to come and unwind on the close by Cretan seashores, while others charm at investigating the shrouded bistros and breezy cobblestone roads.

Regardless of whether you are generally eager to encounter Rethymnon’s set of experiences, culture, engineering, food, photography spots, or its seashores, there’s something for everybody here. This is the rundown of our #1 activities in Rethymnon, in addition to our best tips for where to remain, how to get around, and how to arrive.

The Best Things to Do in Rethymnon

Since most guests to Rethymnon have just a day or two, we don’t anticipate that you should attempt to verify everything on this rundown. Or maybe, the objective is to give you an incredible outline of the town before you show up with the goal that you understand what intrigues you the most, and you can design in like manner.

Rethymnon attractions
The Best Things to Do in Rethymnon

Large numbers of the locales on our rundown are structures you may accidentally pass by as you investigate or visits that offer something unique. Along these lines, you can have a comprehension of the spots as you see them, however, we question you’ll need to go inside each congregation or book each visit!

Top 17 Ancient Buildings and Landmarks

Regardless of how long you need to visit Rethymnon, whether you have one day or a whole week, you’ll no doubt notice these significant memorable locales during your time here.

1. Egyptian Lighthouse

The most celebrated milestone in Rethymnon, the Egyptian Lighthouse sits in the Venetian harbour. The various names of the beacon and harbour may appear to be befuddling. Yet the Egyptian Lighthouse worked during the 1830s when the Ottoman Empire controlled the island and offered it to the Egyptians. The Venetian harbour, which previously existed, might have had a beacon there beforehand yet it is done standing.

2. Venetian Harbour

Throughout the mid-year, you can feast directly on the harbour at one of the many fish cafés. Throughout the colder time of year, it’s warm enough to take a nightfall walk most days of the year.

3. Rimondi Fountain

Worked by the then-lead representative Rimondi during the period of Venetian control of Crete, the Rimondi wellspring is perhaps the best token of the city’s previous Venetian brilliance. The wellspring serves new water from its three lion heads to bystanders.

4. Fortezza of Rethymnon

The Venetians constructed Rethymnon’s Fortezza, or fortification, to ensure the city in the sixteenth century. By the centre of the seventeenth century, the Ottomans had dominated.

Today the Fortezza is a complex of wonderful memorable structures totals with staggering ocean sees. I additionally love appreciating the towers starting from the earliest stage, as it makes a striking perspective over the water.

Egyptian lighthouse Rethymnon
Lighthouse: Top 17 Ancient Buildings and Landmarks

5. Guora Gate (Megali Porto)

A piece of the previous Venetian City Walls, the entryway was once called the Great Door and was once one of the fundamental entrances into the city.

Globe Monument at Memorial Park\I passed this landmark at the lower part of the Fortezza while strolling along Ioannou Melissinou. I was unable to discover a lot of data about it on the web (Google Maps simply records it as ‘Globe’), yet it’s delightful. In case you’re searching for incredible Rethymnon Instagram spots or something somewhat unconventional, it’s very worth cruising by.

6. Venetian Loggia

A delightful and unmistakable structure in town, the Venetian Loggia has been remaining in Rethymnon since the sixteenth century. Today it houses a business opportunity for craftsmanship propagations.

7. Religious Buildings

While the Venetian tourist spots may be the city’s generally noticeable, there are numerous lovely strict designs in the city worth cruising by. There are Greek Orthodox, Catholic, and Islamic structures that together show the long and layered history of the city.

8. Catholic Church St. Anthony of Padua

Revealing insight into Crete’s Venetian past, a little local area of Catholics live in the centre of this Orthodox island. While the first Venetian churches transformed into mosques, Catholics constructed more modest chapels and kept on rehearsing their confidence. Holy person, Anthony’s raised in 1897.

9. Chapel of Agios Spyridon

Incorporated into the bluffs underneath the Fortezza, Agios Spyridon is a little Byzantine chapel. Inside the chapel is incorporated into the stone. However, outside you, can see staggering perspectives on the mountains and the ocean.

10. Church of the Four Martyrs

Otherwise called Tesseris Martyres, the Church of the Four Martyrs is one of the significant present-day tourist spots of the city. Inherent 1975, it remains close to the public nursery on the site of a previous Orthodox church.

11. Church of Our Lady of the Angels

This congregation may have a quintessential Greek Orthodox look. Yet it was worked by the Dominicans during the Venetian time frame. Devoted to Mary Magdalene, it filled in as a Catholic church until the Turks changed over it into a mosque. It has been Greek Orthodox since 1917.

12. Hagia Sophia Church

The seventeenth-century church of Hagia Sophia isn’t a lot to take a gander at from outside, however in case you’re strolling by it’s difficult to take your eyes off the almost 400-year-old church. The white Islamic plaque is from when this changed over into a mosque.

13. Kara Mousa Pasha Mosque

A renaissance church transformed into a mosque after the Ottoman attack. Kara Mousa Pasha Mosque is close to legends square. You can’t head inside, however, you can see the lovely if fairly rotted structure from an external perspective of the yard.

14. Neratze Mosque

The most noticeable mosque staying in the city since the Turks were removed from Crete, today is utilized as a show corridor. It began as a Catholic church worked by the Augustens. It was committed to Gazi Huseyin Pasha, who vanquished the city. Today it is then again alluded to as the Conservatoire out of appreciation for its present job in the city. It is situated on Mikrasiaton Square.

15. Wayside Orthodox Shrines

On the off chance that this is your first time travelling to Greece or a principally Orthodox piece of the world, you may see wayside places of worship like the one above and can’t help thinking about what they are. It is normal in many pieces of the Orthodox world for the little side of the road and family unit sanctums to be raised. I spotted three wonderful ones while strolling through Rethymnon

16. Ruler Ibrahim Han Mosque

Perhaps the most conspicuous milestones situated on top of the Fortezza, it very well might be more diligently to distinguish the previous church as a mosque since the minaret is gone. On the off chance that you love visiting mosques, this may be perhaps the most intriguing ones since it filled in as the Fortezza’s basilica before the Turkish occupation.

While this is the last mosque on our rundown, you can detect a few more in the city. There are presently eight mosques in Rethymnon that you can visit.

17. Rethymnon Shopping Spots

If you are hoping to do some shopping in Rethymnon, awesome shops are selling nearby Crete items and craftsmanships. A portion of my number one Crete keepsakes are palatable (or drinkable). It’s consistently enjoyable to bring back a sample of Crete as nearby wines, olives, and, obviously, raki. Here are my #1 Rethymnon shopping proposals.

Old Town

Blended among the worldwide chains like Colors of Benetton, the old town is brimming with trinkets stands. Stick to shops promoting neighbourhood items, as Agrotiko. Try not to leave your Cretan excursion with items made in China. Meander down Paleologou, Arabatzoglou, and Souliou Streets for incredible choices. In case you’re searching for duplicates of Cretan archaeological discovers, stop by the Loggia.

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Old Town
Old Town Rethymnon-Greece

Open-air Markets

On the off chance that you are visiting the area on a Thursday or Saturday morning, you can look at the outdoors market, called the Laiki, while those around on Wednesday evening can visit the rancher’s market.

Shop for Locally Made Leather Goods

For a stop in a craftsman’s shop, go to Spanish Leather Goods. Here you can shop from the merchandise in plain view, yet you can likewise take a look at the workshop in the rear of the store. Each piece in the store is high quality, from slicing to sewing to painting. This was my #1 spot to shop in Rethymnon, and the endowments I purchased here were the absolute most mainstream I’ve brought back from Greece.

Shop for Local Ceramics

The grounds and islands of Greece have been inseparable from ceramics insofar as man has been moulding dirt. No outing to Rethymnon is finished without in any event doing some window shopping at one of Rethymnon’s ceramic shops or studios. My most loved one is Hydria Pottery Workshop close to the Rimondi Fountain.

Historical Museums– Rethymnon

Archeological Museum

This little archaeological museum costs only one euro to enter. Inside you’ll discover objects from the historical backdrop of the city, dating from the Neolithic time through the Roman time frame. Simply know, no photographs are permitted inside (and they’ll cause you to erase them if you were uninformed of the standard… ahem… ).

Clerical Museum

For the individuals who love church history, come to see the uncommon articles from the historical backdrop of the churches in Rethymnon. In plain view are ritualistic garments, symbols, coins, and the internal operations of the clocktower from before it was changed to an electric clock.