Take a diversion from the Ring Road for a day in Husavik.

Husavik is an enchanting humble community that is most popular as the whale-watching capital of Iceland. We wandered there on a road trip while going between Lake Myvatn and Akureyri.

While whale watching visits are the principle motivation behind why numerous individuals visit Husavik, its merits investing more energy in the town. We had some an ideal opportunity to murder before our evening whale watching outing, and I was happy we investigated Husavik past that journey. Allow me to tell you the best way to go through the ideal day there with this Husavik travel direct.

Stroll Around Husavik

I was unable to compose a Husavik go guide without prescribing to just stroll around. At the point when I travel to new towns and urban communities, I love getting a decent vibe for them by investigating by walking. Husavik is no special case here. The town isn’t huge. You can without much of a stretch stroll around to see the fundamental sights in a short measure of time.

The principle centre point of the town is revolved around the port. We left our vehicle before the whale watching visit workplaces as we had booked a journey soon thereafter. From that point, we appreciated the breathtaking perspectives on Skjalfandaflói Bay. The water was so still, save for the boats cruising all through the harbour. The snow-covered mountains lingered somewhere far off.

You’ll see craftsmanship identifying with creatures as you stroll in and out of town. As Husavik is the whale watching capital of Iceland, it’s just fitting that whale symbolism is all over.

One structure that you should see is the Húsavíkurkirkja (Husavik Church). It’s near the harbour, and it’s a delightful milestone that you can’t miss. Húsavíkurkirkja is a white and green wooden structure worked in 1907, highlighting a dark green steeple. A while ago when it previously opened, it could situate the entirety of the town’s occupants (Husavik’s present populace is around 2600 individuals). Even though we didn’t wander inside, you can visit for nothing from 9 am-11 am and 3 pm-5 pm every day in June, July, and August.

Visit to Husavik, europe
Attractions in Husavik, Iceland?

Husavik Whale Museum

Discussing whale symbolism on structures, this one is canvassed in whales… and all things considered.

The Husavik Whale Museum, established in 1997, fills in as an instructive part to go with whale watching trips from the town. It means to furnish a complete foundation with fascinating data about cetaceans. The actual structure is a neglected slaughterhouse, re-purposed and planned as a museum. It’s currently perhaps the most visited puts in Husavik.

There are a few whale skeletons to look at. It would be ideal if you note that no whales were executed for the museum – the bones of perished whales are utilized for this showcase. A portion of the whale skeletons is enormous. Specifically, there’s a tremendous skeleton of a blue whale, a cetacean that frequents this district of Iceland. It truly places into viewpoint exactly how gigantic whales genuinely are. It’s almost difficult to photo the whole arrangement of bones in a single casing. You simply need to see it with your own eyes.

Children’s Whale School

There’s additionally an instructive part for neighbourhood younger students at the Husavik Whale Museum. It’s known as the Children’s Whale School, and it intends to instruct offspring, all things considered (from Kindergarten to University) about whales. Whales are a particularly essential part of living in the town, and, significantly, Husavik’s residents grow up finding out about these magnificent animals.

Youngsters will visit the Whale Museum, in any event, multiple times all through their school years – in Kindergarten, 2nd grade, fifth grade, and ninth grade. There’s a display at the museum dedicated completely to the craftsmanship made by kids going to the Children’s Whale School. You can see drawings made by second graders, little figures made by those in evaluation five, and even little show-stoppers by youngsters with extraordinary necessities.

It’s consoling that the offspring of Husavik will grow up with a profound appreciation for whales and untamed life protection. It should likewise be so energizing for them to see their craft in plain view in a museum.

There are likewise some short movies about whales, and you can buy books about them, as well.

If you choose to look at a museum around, ensure you visit the Husavik Whale Museum. It’s instructive, captivating, and fun!

Whale Watching

It’s the fundamental motivation behind why we ventured out to Husavik, and the main part of any Husavik travel direct: the whale viewing. As we showed in our full survey of the Iceland whale watching visit, we had an astounding day. While there is a couple of whales watching visit organizations around, we booked our outing with North Sailing. The organization is eco-accommodating, kind and mindful to the untamed life, and has supportable organization rehearses.

We booked the visit called Whales, Puffins, and Sails. This four-hour venture permitted us to see cute puffins as we cruised past Puffin Island. We spotted such countless whales, with some surfacing so near our boat. This visit was perhaps the most critical parts of our Iceland trip. If you love creatures and untamed life, it’s not to be missed.