I had a carte journalise implying that I could travel interminably around Switzerland with no extra expenses for a day. So I exploited and chose to visit Bienne for two or three hours before making a beeline for my fundamental objective: Basel.

I hadn’t heard much about Bien and relatively few Swiss individuals thought about it either. Yet I truly needed to visit someplace unconstrained and new. I looked on the web and there were many little places, yet what hung out in Bien was the design and the tones.

There is such a lot of history and culture in this little town of Switzerland, indeed Biel is the focal point of the watch business, home to Rolex, Swatch and Tissot and Omega. The excursion from Geneva to Bienne required around One 90 minutes from Cornavin Station to Bienne Banhof.

Biel, Switzerland

Old Town

At the point when we showed up, we immediately got a guide in the data work area. And took bus number 6 to Leubringenbahn, which was a one-minute stroll from the Altstadt (Old Town).

‘Biel-Bienne Town’ Top 10 Tourist Attractions
‘Biel-Bienne Town’ Top 10 Tourist Attractions, Swiss

Perhaps the most fascinating reality about Biel/Bienne is its twofold name. The explanation concerning its name Biel/Bienne is that it is arranged on the Röstigraben. The halfway point among French and German talking. Surely, they are perhaps the most bilingual towns in Switzerland.

What to see in Old town

We showed up in the Altstadt of Biel where you will discover numerous lovely and above all memorable landmarks. On the off chance that you stroll up Burggasse Rue du Bourg, you will arrive at Place ‘du Bourg’. Spot du Bourg is the focal point of the old town. I would require a couple of moments to respect this square. As the perplexing engineering and delightful tones are so exceptional and truly make a fortune out of this little town.

In this square, you will discover the Stadttheater (Municipal theatre), the Rathaus and the inconceivably lovely Fountain of Justice. If you bring a directly down Untergassli and follow the street up, you will arrive at Ring. It is another square of the old town. This was most likely my number one square out of the two. Since it houses the Stadtkirche (City Church) and the Vennerbrunnen ( Banner transporter wellspring).

The last wellspring that merits seeing is simply off turning directly at Obergässli. It is known as the Fountain of the Angel, Engelsbrunnen. I discover the wellsprings here in Switzerland entrancing; how all of them have a particular history behind them.

Christmas market

After going for a walk in the old town, on the off chance that you are sufficiently fortunate to come during the Christmas market, at that point stroll down and have a walk around the principal shopping road encompassed by little Christmas cabins and appreciate all the pieces and weaves. On the off chance that you are ravenous, at that point, no pressure as they have food hovels too.

Stopping this outing we chose to stroll back to the train station, yet before we needed to stroll to Lake Biel, which I had perused up is tremendous. The lake is encircled by slopes and mountains and kind of takes after Thun. Anyway, we wound up getting lost and even though we strolled towards what resembled the lake on the guide, there was not an immediate street.

Considering we would not like to miss the train for Berne we passed up the lake however on the off chance that you have time in Biel, at that point I enthusiastically suggest seeing the lake, as it is perhaps the best thing here.

Activities in Biel:

Tourist Activities in Biel
Top 10 Tourist Activities in Biel

1. Take a local area expert of the city

It is conceivable to take a visit through Biel, which will permit you not exclusively to investigate the delightful design and structures Biel has to bring to the table, yet additionally, you will become familiar with a great deal about Biel’s set of experiences and Culture. Biel has a Roma spring where the Romans adored the God “Benelus”, hence giving Biel its name.

For a Guided Public visit the cost is 10 CHF per individual and the visit is offered in French and German; while the Private Guided visits for a gathering of 25 individuals will cost 120 CHF and the dialects offered are French, German, English, Italian and Spanish. You can make a booking at the traveller office.

2. Stroll Through the Vineyards

Spring/Summer is the best season to do this as you will be encircled by a heap of excellent tones. The light blue sky appeared differently with the shades of the grape plantations will make an otherworldly air.

The northern piece of Lake Biel is developed with plants, accordingly, they have made away from Biel to La Neuveville for you to stroll through and perceive how wine is developed in Switzerland.

You will stroll through the dazzling towns of Twann and Ligerz, The total climb requires around four hours, and the visit starts in Biel (Tessenbergstrasse transport stop). This is an excellent action to do, particularly as you will be encircled by the shocking scenes of Switzerland.

3. Grasses Moosh (The Great Marsh):

This is another beautiful experience where you can lease a bike go for a stroll through the extraordinary bogs of the Seeland Region of Switzerland. You will be encircled by very much kept vegetable fixes and fields, what better than a stroll in the open country?

4. Watchmaking Guided Tour:

Need to find out about the Watch business in Biel? Why not take a guided visit to extend your insight into the improvement of watchmaking. You will be clarified the historical backdrop of the appearance of the initial watchmakers into the city and their advancement into making the superb business it is today.

The Guided Tour is private and costs 225CHF for a gathering of 25. The dialects are accessible in French, German, Italian, English and Spanish. Remember to book your guided visit to the vacationer office!

5. Taubenloch Gorge

This is perhaps the most renowned climbs of the area of Fribourg. It is an ideal outing for couples and families to investigate the chasm. You stroll from Biel to Frinvillier through the remaining parts of Taubenlochschlucht.

6. St Peter’s Island

St-Peter’s Island is the area to which the incomparable Jean-Jacques Rousseau fled to escape from his counterparts and the debate incited from his compositions. It is an island of quiet and quietness. You can hire a boat for St. Peters island for a couple of hours, and walk however a quieting nature save where you will arrive at a delightful lodging, ideal for having some lunch in its nursery eatery. For a Guided public visit, the cost is 15CHF and the visit will be in French and German, in any case, a Private Guided Tour will cost 200 CHF and is offered in French, German and English.

7. Three Lake Cruise

A Very fascinating journey is going on a boat outing across the three lakes in the Seeland region. You start in Biel and go to Murten using Erlach. In the late spring, it is likewise accessible to stop in Neuchatel. The costs fluctuate anyway a standard grown-up return for the Three-hour cruise from Biel to Murten costs 122CHF. Anyway, it is without a doubt a memorable cruise, you will see some brilliant places, for example, the little middle age town of Murten and you will be encircled by the excellence of Swiss Nature.

Biel Lake
Top 10 Tourist Activities- Biel Lake

8. Omega museum

As a fanatic of Omega, visiting the new Omega museum is an unquestionable requirement stop to watch authorities visiting Europe and Switzerland. Just an hour and a half northeast via train from Geneva or a little ways from Zurich via train, the excursion to the city of Biel is lovely.

The museum is a concise walk or transport ride from the Biel train station. The great history of Omega is introduced from numerous points of view from the origin with Louis Brandt through more than 100 years of advancement and difficulties, to the present Master Chronometers.

The experience is made much more genuine with real watches addressing the development of Omega watchmaking. These are coordinated with the comparing intuitive ancient rarities that mark verifiable achievements in timekeeping.

Numerous interactive media show topic areas uncover how OMEGA has assumed a part ever, innovative progression and diversion, including the Olympics, NASA lunar investigation program, and James Bond.

9. Tissot Arena

Ice and football arenas, public ice arena, twisting lobby, film theatres…with its advanced framework, the Tissot Arena gives the ideal climate to numerous kinds of occasions. Join a guided visit to take a brief look in the background of this occasion community committed to sports, culture and business.

10. Free zoo close to Biel

Extremely decent zoo close to the core of Biel. Youngsters can see goats, owls, deers, chickens, a snake, marmots, and so on You can purchase a touch of food to take care of the creatures. There are jungle gym and a huge excursion zone with open-air chimney for a cookout. Open with a pram. Free stopping.