I can’t trust it’s taken us this long to visit Bellinzona. It is a little pearl in southern Switzerland with three UNESCO World Heritage palaces and a lot of other appeals. A walk around the old town and a palace visit will be sufficient to satisfy many. Be that as it may, adding the vivacious Saturday market, a wonderful climb in the slopes, a great bicycle ride through the open country and loads of gelato made for a truly vital family trip. Here are 5 activities in Bellinzona for an ideal end of the week escape.

Getting to Bellinzona

Bellinzona situated in southern Switzerland close to the Italian boundary. It is extremely simple to reach via train on SBB Railway or vehicle. However, I strongly suggest the train since it’s a particular, a quick association from most urban communities.

Getting around Bellinzona

When you get to Bellinzona, everything is so close that you can walk or take a bus to the mansions. Remember to get your free Ticino Ticket from your inn, or camping area. This ticket incorporates limits to different attractions and free open transportation around the whole Ticino locale.

Shop the Saturday Market

Before going to the strongholds, try to visit the Saturday market in the Bellinzona old town (situated here). I was hoping to go through the market rapidly on our way to our climb. Be that as it may, following 60 minutes, I was wishing we had more opportunity to wait and investigate. The young men were miserable the market wouldn’t be open after our climb since they needed to search for additional fortunes and treats later. So unquestionably give yourself a lot of time at the market before whatever else you have anticipated the day.

Markets in old town

On Saturdays from 8:00 to 13:00, the normally tranquil old town of Bellinzona fills to the edge with many market merchants, selling neighbourhood produce, craftsman food things, newly made sweet and flavorful treats, and conventional painstaking work. Like any market, you’ll discover a few stands selling modest knickknacks and apparel from abroad, yet fortunately, that is in the minority.

We adored difficult bunches of nourishments we don’t normally see in Zürich, similar to these newly made cannoli. We could pick a custard flavour and what to plunge the closures in. Our children picked sprinkles!

I was entranced by these huge tanks of polenta and the consistent stream of clients stacking up on new polenta for a dinner at home.

The market additionally had amusement, with a live band in the ensemble, a manikin show joined by neighbourhood junior artists, and an assortment of road entertainers. I don’t have the foggiest idea whether it’s consistently similar to this however we weren’t there on a celebration day or occasion, so it appeared.

Bellinzona geography
Bellinzona, a little pearl in southern Switzerland

Investigate the strongholds

The primary motivation to visit Bellinzona is the well-known manors, which seem as though they are straight out of a fantasy. These strongholds were inherent in the middle age and, during the 1500s, was essential for a fortification shielding Switzerland from Italy. Presently they are a UNESCO World Heritage site and can be visited by people in general. There are three strongholds to visit – Castelgrande, Montebello and Sasso Corbaro – furthermore you can stroll around the bulwarks, climb the pinnacles, learn history in the museums, and absorb the valley sees.

We loved that every one of the strongholds had huge verdant territories where the children could go around and be senseless and not stress over severing anything or falling something. If your youngster is prepared for some inventive play and needs props, don’t stress; the stronghold blessing shop sells bow and bolt packs and outfits for youngsters.

You can stroll to the strongholds from town or take a bus visit. You can pay extra charges at individual each manor or purchase the Bellinzona pass, which covers every one of the three mansions, CHF 30 for a family or CHF 50 with the van.


Castelgrande is the least demanding to visit, directly in the old town, a simple 600m stroll from the train station. You can visit the external stronghold grounds and a portion of the defences with the expectation of complimentary 24 hours every day. It’s additionally the most open for those in buggies and wheelchairs. For a little expense, you can climb the pinnacle, walk a greater amount of the defences and visit the museum.

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Montebello is about 600m above Bellinzona, likely our top pick of the three as a result of the enormous lush territory before the château with loads of space for an excursion with a view. It has a little museum inside the pinnacle discussing the archaeological history of this zone and antiques discovered here.

Sasso Corbaro is higher up the slope, about a 1.8 km stroll from Castelgrande or 1km from Montebello. The vast majority take the bus here because it’s so far up the slope. Since this château is most elevated on the slope, it has the best perspectives from the bulwarks and pinnacles, however truly, the perspectives are very comparable at all the mansions. There was a little craftsmanship display inside the mansion.