Situated in the feet of the entrancing Alps, laying on the shores of Lake Geneva, Montreux has been drawing in numerous great guests since the beginning.

It shocks no one that this is where Charlie Chaplin chose to go through 25 years of his life, Queen made a couple of their top of the line collections, and Lord Byron made a sonnet about.

Here is a rundown of the top activities in Montreux, just as a couple of tips when going here. In case you’re now anxious to visit, yet don’t have the foggiest idea when the correct time would be, remember that the environment in Montreux is very mellow.

This makes it a decent objective for any season. I visited Montreux toward the finish of February, and the temperatures were around 10°C. It was completely fine for those extended periods of touring.

Nonetheless, spring seems like the most delightful season to be there, because everything gets canvassed in blossoms, and let’s face it – everything is better when there are blossoms around.

17 Best Things to see in Swiss Montreux

1. Visit Chillon Castle

Chillon Castle is perhaps the most visited places in Switzerland. I’m putting it as the main spot to consider when to be Montreux. But it ended up being the feature of our Switzerland trip. The post goes back to the thirteenth century and was based on a little rough island in the lake. It offers both common insurance and an essential position.

Even though the manor is delightful from an external perspective, I firmly suggest going inside also. It took me around 1,5 hours to have the option to experience the entirety of the rooms, take pictures in all the lovely spots (which are so many), and stop for a couple of seconds to respect the view. Ensure you don’t miss the absolute last stop which is the most elevated pinnacle of the palace. The display from that point is stunning!

2- Sovereign – The Studio Experience

When discussing spots to visit in Montreux, we can’t refer to the Queen Mountain Studios. The unbelievable band Queen became hopelessly enamoured with the serenity and excellence of Montreux such a lot that they purchased a studio here. Seven of their collections, including the last one “Made in Heaven” was recorded in this precise studio. It is presently situated inside a club. These days, the studio offers its guests a genuine “Sovereign” experience for nothing out of pocket, working just on a tipping premise. You can see some of Freddie Mercury’s stage outfits, transcribed verses, old tapes thus significantly more. The control room has been left practically unaltered from back in the days. However, it has been transformed into an intelligent encounter for each guest to attempt.

3. See the Statue of Freddie Mercury

A great sculpture of Freddie Mercury has been remaining at the waterfront since 1996, indeed, fill in memory of the artist’s essence in Montreux. He began to look all starry eyed at this spot and he regularly invested energy here. It’s interesting that fans come and spot blossoms before the landmark every day.

4. Go for a walk along the Montreux lakeside

One thing you’ll find out about on all Montreux guides online is the lovely shoreline. The lake’s thirteen-kilometre promenade in Montreux is outright heaven for night strolls, morning runs, or whatever your heart wants. With exquisite bumpy perspectives, lovely bloom courses of action and fascinating models, therefore, I set out to say this is probably the best promenade you’ll encounter.

Montreux lakeside
Walk along the Montreux lakeside

Start your stroll from the focal point of Montreux to Villeneuve, which should take around 1 hour and 15 minutes. En route, you will appreciate the Chillon Castle and the Dents du Midi mountain range. Toward the finish of your walk, you can take a dip at the seashore in Villeneuve or keep investigating this little town.

5. Stroll around the Old Town

The Old Town, otherwise called Vieille-Ville, appears to be hard to reach since it is arranged on the precarious inclines of Montreux. At the same time, it’s just a short leave from the shoreline. Pretty much every corner uncovers a lovely perspective on rich timberlands, high mountains, the blue lake and numerous old structures. There are a couple of cafés around to fulfil your craving too.

6. Climb the Gorges du Chauderon

A wild climbing track, beginning a couple of moments from the Old Town, drives you to Glion – a town sitting above Montreux. The way offers an amazingly picturesque encounter and takes around 2 hours to arrive at Glion. The Gorges du Chauderon is viewed as a simple climb in the hotter months, yet don’t attempt it during winter as it could be very risky.

7. Take a look at the Montreux Palace

Found near the shoreline, the Montreux Palace neglects the lake Geneva and the lovely Alps. This structure is perhaps the most renowned inns in all of Switzerland which shocks no one. This 5-star lodging facilitated numerous acclaimed visitors, among which Freddie Mercury, Richard Strauss, Michael Jackson and others.

8. Climb the delightful Rochers-de-Naye

A gear-tooth rail route venture takes you from the shoreline of Montreux to the highest point of Rochers-de-Naye in under 60 minutes. With an elevation of 2,042m, this spot offers a perfect perspective on lake Geneva, the Alps and all the other things around. Rochers-de-Naye is an ideal must-visit place throughout the year around as it offers various exercises.

Appreciate more than 1000 beautiful high blossoms in the La Rambertia garden throughout the late spring, or hit the inclines in your ski or snowboard in the colder time of year. A Father Christmas House can be found at the culmination from the finish of November to the furthest limit of December.

9. Go on a boat outing

Travels across the delightful Lake Geneva are accessible the entire year around. The CGN “Compagnie Generale de Navigation” arranges two-hour trips, demonstrating you the most wonderful spots in the Swiss Riviera.

Go on a boat outing Montreux
Go on a boat outing Montreux City, Switzerland

10. Ride the Chocolate Train

In case you’re searching for a loosening up road trip loaded up with some yummy goodness, this is something for you. The chocolate train runs between Montreux the Cailler-Nestlé chocolate manufacturing plant at Broc and is perhaps the best activity when in Switzerland. This is a top of the line outing, which takes you on a stunning train ride in the open country.

You will get the chance to visit the town of Gruyères, experience the cheddar manufacturing plant and visit the well-known chocolate plant. You would then be able to observe the neighbourhood chocolate creation, test the completed item and purchase Cailler or Nestle chocolate at processing plant costs. Proprietors of the Swiss Pass get a markdown on their tickets.

11. Get your adrenaline siphoning at Glacier 3000

A streetcar will take you up to 3,000 meters in only 15 minutes. The view from the highest point of the interminable mountain chains is more than fabulous. The spot is ideal for ski and snowboard sweethearts, just as for the individuals who simply need to take a walk and appreciate the dazzling view.

This Alpine Coaster is the most noteworthy bobsleigh track on the planet and it’s a flat out heaven for adrenaline darlings as it highlights waves, bends, circles hops and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Ice sheet 3000 guests can see “The Peak Walk by Tissot” complimentary. Right up ’til today this is the solitary engineered overpass on the planet interfacing two pinnacles.

12. Appreciate the Montreux Jazz Festival

The Montreux Jazz Festival is the second-biggest yearly jazz celebration on the planet after the Montreal International Jazz Festival in Canada. It happens each year toward the beginning of July on the shoreline of Lake Geneva. Individuals from all around the planet accumulate in Montreux to appreciate jazz, yet additionally numerous different sorts of music.

13. Require a road trip to Vevey

Vevey is a close-by town, found just minutes from Montreux. Regardless of whether you decide to take a bus or a train, arriving is very simple. While Montreux is viewed as a vacationer resort, Vevey feels all the plainer and you’d see more local people. This is the place where the central command of the worldwide chocolate organization Nestle is found. Vevey was additionally where Charlie Chaplin spent numerous years till his passing.

The town lays on the lake Geneva and has a lovely Old Town which is holding on to be investigated.

14. Chaplin’s World Museum

Going on an outing to Chaplin’s museum should be on your Montreux schedule. Chaplin’s World is situated close to Vevey, where Chaplin went through the most recent 24 years of his everyday routine experiencing with his family. The museum takes you on an excursion back in time by consolidating film cut, intelligent presentations, just as wax figures of Chaplin himself and his dear loved ones. Not exclusively is it amazingly exceptionally appraised by essentially every individual who visits it, yet Chaplin’s World was additionally selected for the Best Museum in Europe by the European Museum Academy in 2018.

15. Visit the Nest Museum

This engaging and intuitive museum gives an understanding of the actual establishments of Nestle as an organization. It includes short film clasps and it makes you cooperate by moving your body, squeezing catches, etc, while assisting you with learning data about the spot. It is an incredible chance to discover how certain advancements sprung up, for example, Nescafe and milk chocolate.

16. Go through a day in Lausanne

Along the shores of Lake Geneva, directly close to Vevey you’ll locate another pleasant Swiss city that is additionally effectively available from Montreux. Lausanne is truth be told the fourth biggest city in Switzerland. The spot offers such a huge amount to its guests – from wonderful old churches and intriguing museums to a flawless view from everywhere. On the off chance that you need to investigate Lausanne, plan in any event an entire day to appreciate it completely.

Montreux Food
Montreux Famous Food

17. Experience the Lavaux Vineyard Terraces

To wrap things up, consider adding the Lavaux Vineyards to your rundown of activities in Montreux. Situated in the UNESCO locale Lavaux, the terraced grape plantations take around 800 hectares, making them Switzerland’s biggest grape plantation territory. The spot is staggeringly pleasant, inviting and excellent. It’s ideal for a dusk walk while appreciating some delectable Swiss wines en route.

I trust this rundown roused you and gave you thoughts on what to do in Montreux. On the off chance that you have some other proposals, don’t hesitate to leave them in the remarks!